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Western Conference Preview

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Earlier in the week, George and I gave you our projected top 8 seeds for the Eastern Conference. Today, we are going to give you the Western Conference, which on paper is absolutely stacked.


It’s going to be the Wild Wild West this year, since the Western Conference has 7 teams that have the potential to win 50 games. It’s going to be a daily grind for every contender, so I expect the race for the 1 seed to be fantastic.

The Warriors won the whole damn thing last year, and really didn’t lose much from that championship roster. Curry dropped 40 in the first game, so he looks like he hasn’t missed a beat from the Finals. The Rockets are loaded again, with Patrick Beverley returning and the addition of Ty Lawson only adding to the core of Harden and Howard. The Rockets should again be able to blitz teams off the court with their speed and shooting. The Thunder are ready to avenge last year, when Durant and Ibaka misses significant time with injury. Both are back and should be at full strength, which means there is no limit to how good they can be. The Spurs had the splashiest offseason move, nabbing LaMarcus Aldridge. The Spurs probably won’t be a top 3 seed though, since Pop will frequently rest Duncan, Manu and Parker. However, once the playoffs roll around, watch out. The Pellies have the best player in the NBA, Anthony Davis. He alone can carry this squad to the playoffs once again. The Clippers somehow managed to keep DeAndre Jordan, which means LA will have another run with the Big 3 of CP3, Blake Griffin and Jordan. The Clips also added Josh Smith and Paul Pierce to strengthen their terrible bench from last year. The bottom few seeds are all a toss-up between the Suns, Grizzlies, Jazz, Mavs, and Twolves. All these teams are good enough to make the playoffs, but they also all have pretty big question marks. The Suns imploded last year, and had to trade Goran Dragic and one of the Morris twins. The Grizz are old and can’t score, but boy they grind you down. Jazz and Twolves are both super young, but the Jazz lack a PG and the Twolves are the Twolves. The Mavs have a flawed roster, but Dirk and Rick Carlisle could be enough to sneak an 8 seed. But without further ado, here’s my top 8:

  1. Rockets
  2. Warriors
  3. Thunder
  4. Clippers
  5. Spurs
  6. Pelicans
  7. Grizzlies
  8. Suns


So Sean did a pretty fantastic job of summing this conference up and left me with bones. That’s okay because I’m in a pissy mood with the Mets going down 0-2 last night so even doing this is a surprise. I have had the Thunder winning the West for a while now, but watching Curry the other night just do whatever he wanted, I started to rethink it. I do think the Thunder Buddies for life will play with a big chip on their shoulder this year, especially KD. He can’t go down again, right? I really hope not because he has been one of my favorite players since his days at Texas. The Spurs are the Spurs so they will be there. The Rockets and Clippers both added and seem to have endless amounts of money. The “Brow” will take his team on his back and get them back and maybe beyond the first round, spoiler alert?!?!? The rest will battle it out and my favorite of them is of course the TWolves. I know they are super young but come on their roster is loaded with talent. They will be led by former #1 overalls in Towns and Wiggins. Theses two can easily be the best 1-2 punch by the end of the year if they develop right. They’re so long and athletic that defensively they’re already stout. At any point this season they can go off offensively too, and they have like 9 other 20 year olds that can ball. As you know I’m a Knicks fan but how can you not love this TWolves team. This is like a 2K16 franchise in real life. You rebuked by getting 8 million draft picks and go young and BOOM, titles! Let’s see if he TWolves can get to the dance this year and win for Flip!

  1. Thunder
  2. Warriors
  3. Rockets
  4. Spurs
  5. Clippers
  6. Grizzlies
  7. Pelicans
  8. TWolves

So there you have it, our conference previews. Next week will get our awards and playoff predictions out. For right now you can argue about these picks and let us know what you think. We will respond you can take that to the a bank.


Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Sean & George

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