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Trout or Harper?

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I’m going to speed things up a bit so I can finish all the positions tiers. We have the outfield and both pitching spots left. I’m skipping DH because they are thin, so get Sano or Papi if you want. I didn’t realize how fast the season and your fantasy drafts are coming so I need to get some pep in my step in these top tier rankings. Also you will see that we have been posting the rest of the top 15 of each position and what tier they would be in throughout the week so don’t miss those. Fantasy Baseball drafts are in full-swing, so hopefully these rankings give you some help.

1.Mike Trout

2.Bryce Harper

3.Gincarlo Stanton

4,Andrew McCutchen

5.AJ Pollock

I know there has been a huge debate whether you go Trout or Harper #1 overall but I’m on #TeamTrout. They are both amazing players, but at #1 overall I want to go with the guy that has done it year in and year out and stays on the field. Stanton is a wild card here because of health issues so he can scare some off, but it’s hard to pass on his power. The Cutch Dog looks to 100% healthy coming into 2016 which is a big plus. Last year he was banged up early and it showed, but look for Andrew to get off to a fast start this year. Pollock is a guy that has really burst onto the scene. Pollock is a guy that can do it all and has now done it two straight years. He is a legit stud and by this time next year could creep up a few spots in this top 5, and even in the overall rankings.

Breakout: George Springer
All the talent is there, it’s just time to put it all together and be a top ranked outfielder.

Sleeper: Jarod Dyson
It’s not a sexy pick but he could be a nice contributor especially in categories or a Roto league. Dyson has stolen 26, 36, 34, and 30 bases in the last 4 years, and that’s with not being a full time player. This year that will be a different story with him starting as the right fielder. Now he will be out for the first couple weeks, but even with that he can easily hit 40 stolen bases and maybe get to the 50 range with enough at-bats.


1.Clayton Kershaw

2.Max Scherzer

3.Jake Arrieta

4.Chris Sale

5.Matt Harvey

This list really shouldn’t surprise many, besides #5. Maybe it’s the Blue and Orange bias running through my veins, but I think the Dark Knight is about to have a monster year. He was pretty awesome last year and that was a year coming off TJ surgery. Harvey should be able to work more innings and be able to go deeper into games in 2016. It also helps that the Mets should be very good again this year, which means more wins and run support. Harvey can easily be the 2nd best guy on this list by the end of the year, just behind the best pitcher on the planet.

Breakout: Matt Harvey
Read above.

Sleeper: Kyle Hendricks
He didn’t have the best finishing ERA but he pitched really well in the 2nd half of last year. He also raised his strikeout rate which shows some promise. He also has very good control, so if he can tap back into that strikeout rate he can be a nice steal late in the draft. Also the Cubs will be good which means wins.


1.Craig Kimbrel

2.Jeurys Familia

3.Kenley Jansen

4.Wade Davis

5.Zach Britton

This list barely ever changes and it didn’t really again this year besides a few factors. One factor is that Chapman is suspended 30 games so that left him off this tier. The second thing is that Wade Davis is up here because he became the closer when Greg Holland went down with TJ. The third thing is Jeurys Familia learned how to throw a 96 MPH splitter. Yes, you heard that right. Fam can already threw a sinking fastball at 98 MPH and now couple that with the unhittable splitter, he has the best arsenal in the late innings. Again, this could be my Mets bias, but if you watch his stuff you will agree with me. It wouldn’t surprise me if Fam was the best closer in baseball in 2016.

Breakout: Ken Giles
The Astros gave up two high level prospects to get Giles from Philly, so the kid has obvious talent. He can hit tipple digits with ease and will strike out the world. He has the type of stuff that can turn him into a top 3 closer this year. The Astros should be good and he can have a ton of opportunity to get saves. I swear if Luke Gregerson steals the job from him I will lose it.

Sleeper: Robert Osuna

The kid has big time talent that pushed Drew Storen to the 8th inning. Osuna has power stuff that he uses to strikeout the world with. Saves might be hard to come by for the Jays with hen scoring so many runs, but when he gets his chances he will be stud like.

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