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Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

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Right now in the NBA, the point guard position is the deepest it has ever been.  Point guards are the equivalent to a quarterback in football to where the run the show and decide where the ball goes and when.  We are also seeing more freak athletes at the position than ever.  You now see 6’3 – 6’4” point guards and are highlights on TV for their finishes at the rim rather than them just distributing the ball.  With so many great ones in the league, the real question is who is the best.  I’m going to give my top 5 along with a few honorable mentions.










1 Steph Curry 10 9 7 7 9 7 49
2 Russell Westbrook 9 7 9 8 8 7 48
3 Chris Paul 6 10 10 5 8 9 48
4 Kyrie Irving 8 8 7 6 10 6 46
5 Tony Parker 7 8 7 6 8 8 44

Honorable Mention:

  • John Wall
  • Derrick Rose
  • Damien Lillard
  • Kyle Lowry
  • Rajon Rondo

My rankings are not 100% based on statistics, but a mixture of statistics and the eye test.  But I’ll go through each one and tell you why I feel they are where they are.

Steph Curry

Curry is the best shooter in the NBA and will arguably go down as one of the greatest shooters of all time when it’s all said and done.  He has one of the quickest releases ever recorded which allows him to get shots off almost whenever he desires.  What opens up his shooting from the outside is that he is also a great finisher around the rim. Each year he has been in the league, he has added something to his game.  If you watched him earlier in his career, you could see he was lacking on the defensive end, but now he is really focusing on his play on that end and it has taken his game to a whole new level.  Some thing else that I believe is so underrated about Curry is his passing.  Since he is such an elite shooter, his passing skills seem to go a little unnoticed at times, but he has been among the league leaders in assists the past few years.

Russell Westbrook

UnknownWe just said Steph Curry was the best shooter in the NBA and might go down as the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA, well Russell Westbrook is the best athlete to ever play the point guard position.  He is arguably the most explosive athlete in the NBA, and each night he shows you.  He has become a much better shooter since his first few years in the league and has one of the most unguardable pull up jumpers in the NBA because of the lift he gets and his speed.  Something people don’t like about him is also one of his best qualities, and that is the fire that burns inside him.  He is ultra competitive and that is what puts him in the elite category, but it’s also what gets him in trouble at times.  With Westbrook, you have to take to bad with the good, but the good is just so good. I could watch highlights of him dunking all day.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul may be the purest point guard in the NBA.  He is a pick and roll master with the combo of Blake Griffen and DeAndre Jordan being the rollers.  Paul is one of the feistiest players in the league and hates losing more than he enjoys winning it seems like.  One thing I can’t get past with Chris Paul is that he is entering his 10th NBA season and has still yet to play in a Conference Finals. Even with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan and the great Doc Rivers on his side, CP3 couldn’t get past the second round this past May. But nonetheless, he is an elite player and has been for many years.

Kyrie Irving

images-2Kyrie has the best handles in the NBA and I don’t even think it’s that close.  He is a great shooter and finisher at the rim.  He has great court vision and passes the ball very well.  After saying all of that, you would think he would be the best point guard in the league, but Kyrie is still a few years away from being able to do it consistently every game.  He shows many glimpses of all of his elite abilities, but doing it every game is what separates him from the top 3 players.  His first few seasons in the league, he never really concerned himself with playing any sort of defense, and is finally starting to put some focus on that end of the court.  He is a very capable defender, so I don’t think it will take long for him to keep climbing the ladder.

The video below is from a few years back when he was on the USA Select team practicing against the likes of Kobe, KD, Harden, Westbrook, etc. and making them look average.

Tony Parker

Tony Parker seems to have been in the NBA forever.  I keep thinking he is the same age as Duncan and Ginobili, but he was a young gun when they won their first few championships.  He always seems to go under the radar until the playoffs, and then he gets they play on TV again and everyone sees him continue to take over games when it matters.   He seems to be hitting his 3-point shot more consistently and hits a good amount of clutch shots.  He is also very good in pick and roll situations and seems to be able to finish around the room when there doesn’t seem to be any room to get the ball up.



Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Caleb Boone

0 Responses to Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

  1. Profile photo of Sideline Smack Talk

    Sideline Smack Talk

    December 23, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    In 2-3 years I see Chris Paul and Tony Parker dropping out of the top 5 and John Wall and Damian Lillard taking their place.

  2. Profile photo of Caleb Boone

    Caleb Boone

    December 23, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    I could really see that too. When John Wall can consistently hit the outside jumper he will be in that category very quickly. That is the only thing holding him back right now. And I actually really like Lillard, he is a star already.

    • Profile photo of Blake Giusti

      Blake Giusti

      December 26, 2014 at 5:56 am

      On that same scale up top? How many points would you give John Wall in each category?

  3. Profile photo of Caleb Boone

    Caleb Boone

    December 26, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    John Wall
    Scoring- 6
    Passing – 8
    Defense – 9
    Rebounding – 6
    Handles – 8
    Leadership – 5
    Total – 42

    As I said before, the 2 categories that John Wall needs to improve on is his scoring (consistent jump shot) and his leadership. And we just don’t know what his leadership is, because they haven’t had any real success yet besides last year. I’m sure after this year his rating for that could go up if he leads the Wizards past the 1st round and continues his success and gets a high seed like they are on pace to do.

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