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Sleeves?!!!! Really??!!!

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Now that the 2014 regular season is coming to a close, and the top 16 teams are sorting themselves out for the upcoming playoff push we need to address the sleeved NBA jerseys.  Whoever thought that this was a good idea was seriously having a very bad day.  Who wants to pay a ton of money to go to a game to watch grown men run around in pajamas?  I know I don’t.  Conventional wisdom would have dictated that testing should have been done at the high school and collegiate level.  Let the young up and comers test out the gear and dictate whether or not the NBA should give it a try.  Instead, the NBA unleashed this new jersey on the best players in the world, and much like the new basketball idea a few years back, it did not go over well. The best player in the world hates the sleeves, and lets be honest his game hates them too.  He is only a mediocre player at best on the offensive end when wearing sleeves.  Nuff said.  Throw this crap out.  I bet you couldn’t even give these jerseys away.

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