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The Broulis Beat Report: More Thoughts On Kevin Stefanski, Plus DePodesta and Haslam

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More on Cleveland Browns new head coach Kevin Stefanski, Paul DePodesta and Jimmy Haslam.

Kevin Stefanski signed a five-year deal with Cleveland. If he is in Cleveland for more than two years, that’s probably a good sign.

One-line Stefanski used during his presser was personalities are welcome, production is required. I really want to see him hold the big personalities accountable.

When it comes to holding players accountable, I am thinking about some different players. Quarterback Baker Mayfield has a big personality. This off-season, he must put in a lot of work. Being the quarterback, you must lead by example and be the hardest working player on the team. I want to see Mayfield get his edge back.

This entire team needs to work harder this year than they did last year. Why? The entire system is new and different. Players need to know the new language of the play book and where they need to be at. I don’t want to see players confused with ten seconds left on the play clock and Stefanski is forced to use a timeout. This off-season is a chance to limit that.

In another interview, Stefanski talked about needing a fullback on the roster. When I heard that, it made me think that he really does want to run the offense through Nick Chubb and possibly Kareem Hunt. Having a true FB adds to the run game and if the FB can catch, it adds another dimension to the offense in short-yardage situations.

Stefanski was also asked about the offensive play calling duties. Stefanski said it depends on who they bring in. If he feels the team is better off having the coordinator do the play calling, that’s what will happen. It’s whatever helps the team win. Sounds like he is open minded to allow his OC to do his job. I recommend letting the OC do the play calling, unless the offense is struggling that much in the first few games.


DePodesta isn’t a football guy like former Browns general manager John Dorsey. Dorsey was all about player talent. I’m not saying he was perfect, but he knew the football side of things. DePodesta knows nothing about football talent. In an interview with the media, he told them he will be involved, but won’t have the final say in the drafting of players. That made me feel better about the draft.

I felt that the Haslam’s had it right last year with GM John Dorsey and now former head coach Freddie Kitchens. I, myself, thought Kitchens was the right choice and I was extremely wrong. I’m not saying that keeping Greg Williams around was the answer either. Both seem like they are better off just being coordinators and nothing more.

The Cleveland Browns likely would’ve had a more successful season had the head coach been more experienced, brough more discipline and ran the offense through the running game.

Wade Phillips, current Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and current San Francisco 49ers defensive backs coach Joe Woods are all being considered for Kevin Stefanski’s defensive coordinator position. Current Browns DC Steve Wilks is still a possibility. Special team’s coordinator Mike Priefer will be retained. I like that. The Browns had one of the better overall special teams’ units in the NFL.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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