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The Broulis Beat Report: Collin Sexton’s Game, J. B. Bickerstaff And More

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As I sit back and watch the Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball, I wanted to discuss what I see in Collin Sexton, new head coach J.B. Bickerstaff and more in this edition of the Broulis Beat Report.


I seem to be in the minority on this, and that’s fine, but the more I watch Collin Sexton play, the more I like his game.

I know a lot more people that aren’t big on the second-year guard out of Alabama, but I see a lot of good in his game.

Sexton is one of the fastest players in the NBA. He can get past many opponents with ease. His only problem here, is that sometimes he gets himself into bad situations both under the rim or along the baseline. Sexton just needs to improve on kicking the ball out to open teammates when he breaks down defenses. Sexton is passing the ball more in his recent ten games with 5 assists at Detroit, 4 vs Pelicans, 4 vs Raptors, 4 vs Golden St, 7 vs New York, 2 at OKC, 3 vs LAC, 6 vs ATL, 2 at WSH and 9 at Miami.

Sexton needs to also learn how to play under more control. He has to learn when to run full speed down the floor, and when to slow things down.

From the field, Sexton is shooting 45 percent from the field, 36 percent from three-point-range and 85 percent at the free-throw line. While I’d like to see Sexton improve on his deep shooting just a bit more, he is shooting very well from the field in general. I see Collin as a scorer. Sexton would be better fit coming off the bench. I hope that new Cleveland head coach J.B. Bickerstaff tries Kevin Porter Jr. at shooting guard to start and brings Sexton off the bench this season.

When it comes to judging Sexton, I think people need to keep in mind Sexton is only 21 and has a lot to learn still. If Sexton were still playing like he did in the first half of his rookie year, then I’d be worried. I think the future is bright for Collin.

J. B. Bickerstaff-

I’m still not completely clear as to all the reasons for John Beilein walking away, but I know the NBA life style was taking a toll on him. Also, reports are that he didn’t have the strongest of relationships with some of the players on the team. I really thought Beilein would work great with the players, but things just didn’t work out.

Bickerstaff takes over at 40 years old and a lot of previous coaching experience in the NBA.

With this move, as columnist Terry Pluto wrote, remove all the excuses. The players now have a head coach that is younger and more in-tune with today’s NBA. Bickerstaff wants to push the ball a bit more as well. In terms of his practices, I’m not sure what all will change. Maybe shorter film sessions and more time on the court? Your guess is as good as mine.


I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of numbers, but the Cavs have been a horrible team defensively.

Whether it be defending the 3-point line, the paint or transition defense. They’ve been bad. This was one of the reasons I was glad the Cavs made the trade for center Andre Drummond.

Aside from being the league’s leading rebounder, Drummond brings a presence to the defensive end that Cleveland hasn’t had in a very long time.

Teams now can’t just attack the rim freely. Since joining the Cavs, Drummond has made his presence felt, both offensively and defensively.


Cleveland currently owns the second worst record in the NBA (16-41). With less than 30 games left, I want to see this team play better together as the season goes on. Let’s see if Cleveland can reach 20 wins. Can they beat teams with a sub .500?

Can they make games closer with the contenders?

The Cavs are 8-19 on the road, 8-22 at home. Another goal in the final months would be to start winning at home.

Stop trying to aim for more ping pong balls and start trying to win more. At some point, you have to start building a winning culture and stop worrying about your draft dreams.

Finally, avoid blowouts and earn a few upsets over the contenders.

It’s time to start building that winning mindset and stop worrying about ping pong balls in the draft.

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