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The Broulis Beat Report: Browns Draft Options, OBJ On The Block?

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What on earth are the Browns planning on doing in this year’s draft? How about Odell Beckham Jr.? Let’s get going here in this edition of the Broulis Beat Report.


Some people think that Cleveland must take a tackle if they stay at 10. I disagree. As of now, I can see the Browns trading up, trading down or drafting another position player and here’s why.

Right now, Tristan Wirfs (Iowa), Jedrick Wills (Alabama), Mekhi Becton (Louisville), Andrew Thomas (Georgia) and Josh Jones (Houston) are among the top-rated offensive linemen. There are plenty others and this specific draft is considered extremely strong in the linemen category. Some experts are going as far to say that some of these linemen, who are getting a second-round grade, could actually be a first-round talent.

I’m bringing this up for one simple reason. What if Cleveland general manager Andrew Berry has one of the linemen that has a second-round grade, rated higher on his draft board? I’m sure there are plenty of GM’s that have each lineman rated differently.

Here’s what I’m getting at. I’m not a draft expert and all I know abut linemen, are that tackles need good footwork. Some say technique, others say arm length… get the idea. I have not done any watching of film on these top-rate linemen, but I have been listening to some of the “experts” and most seem to agree that Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills, Andrew Thomas and Meckhi Becton are the top rated four.

When a general manager puts his board together, they generally have boards showing their top overall prospects and position by position boards and where they rank in their respective positions.

This brings me to Isaiah Simmons. Some of you may have heard of him being referred to as the “swiss army knife”. On defense, there isn’t much Simmons can’t do. Simmons has played at free-safety, cornerback and linebacker.

I’m bringing this up for one reason. If Berry has Simmons rated higher than most of those linemen and he’s still there at 10, I suggest the Browns snag Simmons, even though they have a big need at left tackle. You have to follow your board and take best available, especially with a draft this deep in quality linemen.

The Browns have holes at left tackle, linebacker and safety. What’s worse is the fact that Cleveland only has a few playmakers on defense. Completely different from what they have on offense. Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward (when healthy) are game changers. Imagine if the Browns could get a potential game changer in the middle of the defense?

If Berry thinks he can still get a quality lineman in the second round or they can trade back into the first round and get a lineman that is just as good as those taken earlier, I’d do it.

My only problem is I don’t think Simmons will still be there at 10. We’re all allowed to do a little wishful thinking, right?!


There were reports over the weekend out of New York that Cleveland has talks about sending OBJ to Minnesota for a second and fifth rounder in 2021.

I, for one, wouldn’t even entertain this. If I’m Cleveland, I would be asking for those picks in this year’s draft and either more picks in next year’s draft and a top tier player or the deal is a no go.

Multiple front office members of the Browns have come out and denied those talks even happening, but my guess is Beckham Jr. will only be playing one more year in Cleveland. Why? Because head coach Stefanski prefers to use his running backs and tight ends the most in his offense. Not the wide receivers.

Plus, soon, Cleveland is going to have to start paying their younger players like Myles Garrett, Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb and Denzel Ward. Assuming they decide to keep those players around.


A few other linemen to keep an eye on for Cleveland are Austin Jackson (USC), Isaiah Wilson (Georgia) and Ezra Cleveland (Boise State).

No one knows who will turn out to be a great player in the draft. It’s all hope and speculation. I hope the Browns, whatever they do, get more right than wrong.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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