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That’s Amar’e! Stoudemire…Back in a Phoenix Suns Uniform?

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Oh my goodness.  Praise Black Jesus.  According to NBC Sports Radio’s Jordan Schultz, S.T.A.T. wants his old number back.  It’s been a decade since his dominance in the desert but might a return at 32 and in the best shape he’s been in since his slew of knee ailments in 2012 be just what the doctor ordered for both Amar’e and the Misled Youth of Planet Orange?  Amar’e, without a doubt, is a legend in the modern era of the franchise and would add size, strength, and stretch to the inconsistent four spot but perhaps his biggest weakness would prove his strongest asset to this young but capable Suns team…his age.  Amar’e has been around the block.  He knows what it takes to win and has suffered through great loss, losing his brother in 2012, who he called his Guardian Angel.  Amar’e is a changed man since his time with the suns.  No one would question that but does he get this team into the playoffs?  9b6387fdcb73e7ff73a51eb5bbe48158
At the end of the day… Yes.  Amar’e is silently putting up solid numbers this season in New York.  Averaging 12 points, 7 rebounds, and a block on 55% shooting in just 24 minutes a game.  That’s 24, 14, and 2 blocks per 48.  On par with some of his best years here.  So how does it happen?  Part One:  Two words.  Buy out.  Amar’e has said he will take the All Star break to console with his family about asking the Knicks ownership for a buy out.  The Knicks also have to go along with it but seeing how easily they let go of Metta World Peace and Beno Udrih years back.  There is no reason to think they will keep him in a place he doesn’t want to be at the end of his career.  Part Two: Suns have to be the team he wants to go to and we have to embrace him with open arms.  Honestly, I am biased on this, but if he doesn’t fit our biggest need like a glove, who does?  And if he wants to be here and wants to win above all else what are we waiting for?  It’s Amar’e effin’ Stoudemire and the rest of the season might as well be the effin’ Catalina Wine Mixer.  Por Ti Volare Amar’e.

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