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Terrlle Pryor: Worth the gamble.

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Terrelle Pryor might be grasping at straws this late in his young career as he tries to transition from QB to WR.  He showed glimpses of potential at the position in college, but this late in the game in the NFL it seems more like a pipe dream then a realistic proposition. Regardless, I am excited that he is in town, and I hope that by some miracle he figures out how to play the position.  The Browns are very light at WR, possibly the worst in the NFL, and if this guy can figure out how to make an impact at the position it could go a long way.  Yes, I know that its not going to happen, and yes I’m a huge OSU fan so I want it to, but putting that aside, with his size, speed, and all around athletic ability, if he did figure it out, it would be something very special to watch.


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