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Teams to Watch: 2015 NBA Draft

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The 2015 NBA Draft is Thursday night, and it has a few storylines brewing. The big talk is mostly at the top of the draft with some teams really not having a solid choice. The T-Wolves have already come out and said Towns is their man, but after that, it’s where things get weird. From #2 to pick #10 things can get a little chaotic, but after that the waves should settle a bit.

It all starts off with the Lakers and Kings with the second overall pick. George Karl has no desire to coach Boogie Cousins, and wants him out. The problem is the brass upstairs wants Boogie around, and would rather trade Rudy “I can finally see” Gay. The Lakers have shown tons of interest in Cousins and would love to add him. To add him will probably cost them the #2 and more. The more of this trade could be Juluis Randle, who the Lakers drafted last year. That trade seems to fit needs for both teams, where the Kings can select either Jahlil Okafor or Emmanuel Mudiay, who would run Karl’s offense to a tee. The problem with this is, again the brass isn’t interested in trading big bad Boogie, and Karl wants veterans back like Ty Lawson from the Nuggets. The trade show could start early in this year’s draft, but still seems up in the air with Karl and the shot callers of the Kings not being on the same page.

The 76ers pick after the Lakers and since Sam Hinkie started making Philly’s picks no one knows what he will do. He has never been about needs, but more about best player available. A normal sane GM would see a glaring hole in the Sixers backcourt and choose either D’Angelo Russel or Mudiay. He already has a lot of talent in the front court with Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid, so a guard to run the show would help. Embiid’s health is still in doubt so another big could be in the equation. This all doesn’t matter because Hinkie will pick best player available. It’s like when teams live and die by the three, he will live and die by BPA. It will come down who he thinks out of Russel, Mudiay and the rising legend of Kristaps Porzingis aka “Zinger” is the best. Many think Russel is the pick, with Zinger(amazing nickname) closing ground. I doubt anyone will know what Hinkie will do until Adam Silver hits the podium to announce the pick.

Next up come the New York Knicks. Please God, please don’t let them mess this up! All Knick fans have their own opinions and they are all over the place. The only ones that count though are Phil, Fish, and I guess dumbass Steve Mills. Also wouldn’t count out Isaiah Thomas sending James Dolan a text what he would do, along with hugs and kisses. No matter what they actually do with the pick, the player will be a fit in the triangle , that’s a fact. Reports have already surfaced that if Towns, Okafor, or Russel are gone they will trade the pick. I don’t buy that at all because I think they really like Zinger, big Willie style(Willie Cauley-Stein), and Justise Winslow. If they do trade they would be looking for a trade down along with a veteran. Supposedly the Suns have offered the #13 pick along with Eric Bledsoe, so that’s a sort of deal that could be made. If they do trade down look for Frank the Tank Kaminsky to be the target, along with Trey Lyles. Phil desperately needs bigs and will look to add that through the draft and worry about a PG through free agency. It’s a real crapshoot with what the Knicks could do, so we will just have to wait and see, and also pray…a lot.

There are still 2 full days before the NBA Draft kicks off, so rumors will be flying fast and furious. The most talk will come during these three picks and of course they are one after another. Picks 2-4 could be chaotic and one hell of a ride so get your seatbelts ready.


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