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Starting Five (122214)

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Cowboys Make Playoffs (AK) – The Dallas Cowboys have exercised their demons and have made the playoffs.  They have done this by having a better record than 8-8 and clinched in a blowout win over the Indianapolis Colts.  The Cowboys have looked like a team that can actually contend this year.  They have the number one ranked running game in the NFL and if they can stay healthy going forward, they may have a chance to make a deep playoff run.  The playoffs always seem to favor teams that can run and the Cowboys can do that.

Kevin Durant Injured Again (AK) – It seems like Kevin Durant just came back from injury, and as a basketball fan, it was good to see him back.  He scored 30 points in just 18 minutes in the first half against the Golden State Warriors this week.  However with about a minute to go, Durant left with an apparent sprained ankle.  It hasn’t been said at this point how long Durant will be out, but for the sake of the Thunder and the NBA fans, lets hope he is back soon.

Montrezel Harrell Suspended (AK) – The Louisville basketball star was suspended for one game after getting tangled up with a few Western Kentucky players near the end of the first half in Saturdays game.  It was determined by the referees that Harrell threw a punch in the aftermath and was ejected from that game and will miss Louisville’s next game.

Jameis Winston Cleared (SM) – Jameis Winston did not violate the Florida State code of conduct.  Or they just didn’t have enough evidence to prove he did.  I will probably go with the latter.  The former Heisman Trophy winner and defending National Champion has made lots of headlines.  Both good and bad.  His college career can be summed up pretty easily.  Winner on the field; loser off the field.  My hope is that his NFL career won’t be summed up that easily.

Seattle Seahawks (SM) –   The Seattle Seahawks are the favorite to repeat as Super Bowl champions.  If you watched Sunday Night Football last night, you saw them dominate the Arizona Cardinals.  Now, the Cardinals are on their third string quarterback.  Nobody expected them to hang more than 14 on the “Legion of Boom”.  The only scored 6.  The Seahawks impressed on the offensive side of the ball.  Russell Wilson looked like an MVP candidate, something he should be in the conversation for, and Marshawn Lynch went straight “Beast Mode” on the Cardinals for a 79 yard run.  The Seahawks made a statement last night.  That statement was, “If you want the Lombardi Trophy, come and get it.”

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Alex Kjellsen and Sean Melmer

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  1. Profile photo of Kaan Gencer

    Kaan Gencer

    December 23, 2014 at 1:16 am

    As much as I hate the Cowboys I will admit that seeing them go far in the Playoffs would make this post season more fun to watch. I would have to say the same the thing for the Cardinals, Bengals, and Chargers as well. Lets have some new teams do well this year. All of the teams mentioned above ( excluding the QBless Cardinals) have a real shot of getting the job done in the post season. Looking forward it seeing what happens.

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