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Sideline Smacktalk Bowl Preview: Our take on the best bowl games this year

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Blowout: People think it will be good but it won’t.

AK: LSU over Texas Tech in the Texas Bowl.  I don’t think it will matter that LSU can’t throw the ball.  Texas Tech has a defense that may honestly never stop Leonard Fournette.  The LSU defense will get a couple turnovers and Fournette runs for over 250 yards.  LSU by 28 plus.

SM: Alabama over Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl.  The unfortunate part is that this is a playoff game.  ESPN is hoping I’m wrong.  But I’m not.  You give Nick Saban 5 weeks to prepare and you get a nearly unstoppable force.  Too much power on both sides of the ball.  The Spartans couldn’t score on the Buckeyes D.  Bama wins by 21 plus.  Roll Tide.

Upset: Looking for this year’s Boise State

AK: I’m going to go out on a limb and say Nebraska upsets UCLA.  I think Nebraska has the ability to score a lot of points and if their defense can get a couple stops early, the momentum will carry them through the game, much the way it did against Michigan State.  Huskers by 6

SM: Oklahoma State over Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl.  The Cowboys have a dynamic offense.  Halftime adjustments will be big in this game.  Cowboys will win the second half and the game.  Ok. State by 5.

The Snoozer: The game you hope is on when your wife’s family wants to leave the house for after Christmas sales

AK: Well since Iowa made a bowl game that’s my vote.  I really don’t need to say anything else.

SM: Agree with Al on this one.  “Oh, Iowa is on? *click*”

Must-Watch: Your calling in sick to work to see this one

AK: Oregon vs TCU in the Alamo Bowl.  Two teams that underachieved this season, but also two teams, when healthy, that have two of the best offenses in the game.  Look for tons of touchdowns and a winning team in the mid fifties in points.  Can’t wait to watch the scoreboard light up in this one.

SM: Ohio State vs Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl.  Great rosters, great coaches, great programs.  Make sure you watch this one.


Final 4 Predictions:

AK: If Alabama didn’t have 5 weeks to prepare for this game I would take the Spartans, however after how the tide went out in the semifinals last year, I don’t see Saban repeating that this year.  Bama by 10.


The other semi-final I see as a much closer game.  In the end Baker Mayfield outduels Deshaun Watson and Oklahoma wins 38-35 to get to the title game.


Oklahoma upsets the tide after holding Derrick Henry to 125 yards, (I know its still a lot but better than most have done). Baker Mayfield throws for 4 Touchdowns and Oklahoma brings home the trophy.


SM: Bama vs. MSU – see blowout pick.


Oklahoma vs. Clemson – I’m taking Clemson.  I just want this to happen.  Clemson has been riding the perfect record all season and I don’t want it to be over.  Oklahoma is hot and their D is stout, but Dabo and Deshaun have some tricks up their sleeve.  Clemson by 4.


Bama vs. Clemson – Clemson has finally met their match.  Won’t be able to stop Derrick Henry, Nick Saban’s brain, or score points on the Crimson Tide’s D.  Tide over Tigers by 13.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Alex Kjellsen & Sean Melmer

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