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Over & Under Reaction College Football Week 3

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Over Reactions:

AK: Notre Dame – The Golden Domers won another game! Lets all plug them into the College Football Final 4!  Otherwise, we can take a look at the overall body of work and come back from fantasy land.  Yes, they beat a good Georgia Tech team and yes they did so with a backup quarterback.  Sorry to burst the bubble but Georgia Tech wasn’t going to be in the Final 4 any more than Notre Dame is.  The meat of the schedule is slowly coming for the irish and that is when we’ll actually see what they are made of.  Until then, hold off on the Touchdown Jesus Championship shirts.

AK: Ole Miss – Ole Miss had a great win against Alabama.  They outplayed them for the most part and deserved the win.  They did need a botched snap, floated pass, off the helmet of the intended receiver, and into the arms of a receiver who was in the area for a touchdown to do so but they still got it done.  The SEC is a grind as we all know and all of those people calling for Ole Miss to now be number one ranked is a tad pre-mature.  Let’s put them in the top 5 and see where they sit in another 3 weeks. Need I remind everyone that Ole Miss beat the Tide last year and only one of those teams made the Final Four.  That team wasn’t the one that yells Hotty Toddy.

SM: Ohio State – The obvious overreaction: Ohio State isn’t nearly as good as we thought they were!  The QB controversy is getting to them!  They will definitely lose to Michigan State!  The better reaction: A win’s a win.  If the next three games are like that…..we will cross that bridge when we get there.

SM: Michigan State – The overreaction: They look so dominant!  After how the Buckeyes played, Sparty has to be the top team in the nation!  The better reaction: Sparty is coming for that number one spot!  But, let’s give the reigning champs the respect they deserve.  The Buckeyes stay number one, unless Jones and Barrett continue to play like they did in week three.

Under Reactions:

AK: Alabama – Am I the only one that finds it concerning that a program like Alabama, notoriously ranked in the top 5, a college football dynasty, and a top tier recruiting team every year, now has gone two years without having a real quarterback?  How does that happen?  What happened to all the Junior and Senior quarterbacks with the flowing locks that were under center for so many of Nick Saban’s championships.  (yes know AJ McCarron didn’t have flowing locks but many before him did!)  I think the fact that they have now spent two seasons starting out in a quarterback unknown has taken its toll on these teams and that is why we are seeing a chink in the armour as they say.  Until they can get back to landing top tier quarterbacks for Lane Kiffin’s system, Alabama will continue to fall short of the ultimate goal.

AK: Florida Defense – I realize they haven’t played the toughest schedule to start the season but as the offense finds itself under a new Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, the defense has plugged along giving up less than 260 yards of offense per game to start the season.  This is a big help to the offense as well as giving that defense some confidence.  Florida could end up being better than people think this year if the defense can keep this production up.

SM: LSU – GEAUX TIGERS!  They are looking like a complete team that will continue to move on up the ranks.  Les Miles has proven that September and October are his strongest months as a coach.  So, November will be the deciding factor, but don’t sleep on Fournette and company.
SM: UCLA – If Puff Daddy knew the team was going to look this good, maybe he wouldn’t have attacked that coach.  UCLA has had a great start to the season and I believe will continue to make some noise.  Led by their freshman QB, Josh Rosen, the Bruins are commanding your attention.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Alex Kjellsen and Sean Melmer

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