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Over and Under Reactions Heading into Week 5 of College Football

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AK: #GamedaytoBrookings – Let me start out by saying I am all for getting college gameday to South Dakota for an SDSU-NDSU border marker game.  Second, I did enjoy all the #GamedaytoBrookings tweets for a solid week.  Here is why it’s overrated.  Once it came out that Gameday would be at Clemson for Clemson vs. Notre Dame (as it should be), I don’t know if I heard anything else about it since then.  Maybe the idea of College Gameday was more important than the game itself, or maybe it was the constant rivalry between SDSU & NDSU (the latter has had gameday twice), but either way it was disappointing that, as an outsider, gameday was what seemed to be important, not the game itself.  Which is why it isn’t looking good, Jacks.

AK: Michigan – Yes, Michigan has looked good in recent weeks.  They have found their running game and they have controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.  Lately they have been able to impose their will on their opponents by pounding the ball up the middle.  The problem I have though is that Michigan still has a lousy quarterback that you can’t rely on to make throws when needed, (if you don’t believe me go back and watch the Utah game).  Until Michigan can get a quality quarterback under center, i think 9 wins might be the absolute best they can do.

SM: Alabama – Alabama will not lose to Georgia.  People need to chill out about that loss to Ole Miss.  Now, do I feel that Alabama football is as dominant as it once was?  No.  Maybe because Katherine Webb isn’t in the stands and Lane Kiffin maybe got close with Saban’s daughter?  Either way, Saban is a great coach and he has the players to run the table the rest of the season.  I would be surprised if they lose another game this regular season.  Do yourself a favor Saban, fire Kiffin and recruit a quarterback.  Problem solved.

SM: SDSU vs. NDSU – The overreaction is the oversized heads of Bison fans.  If you are not from South or North Dakota, I am sorry and go ahead and ship the rest of this.  If you are, then you know the significance of today’s game.  The marker has been in Fargo for too long.  #GamedayToBrookings was a long shot, but it brought a spotlight on today’s matchup.  Last postseason, SDSU gave NDSU their most difficult game.  The gap is closing between the state rivals.  NDSU has been absolutely dominant these last 4 years.  They forced SDSU to step up their game.  Today, the marker returns to Brookings.  Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks.


AK: Nick Chubb – He is being overshadowed by Leonard Fournette because they are in the same conference as well as the numbers Fournette has put up.  However, people should know Nick Chubb is averaging 8.4 yards per carry for an undefeated Georgia team that takes on Alabama. He also has tied the Georgia record for most consecutive 100 yard games.  That tie should be broken this weekend when Chubb gets plenty of carries against the Tide.  He may not have as many highlight runs as Fournette but he has plenty of production.

AK: Arizona State – Arizona State was many people’s pick to win the Pac-12 and were even one ESPN college football analysts pick into the playoff final four.  They were beat by Texas A&M in week one and were beat handily at home last week by USC.  Now they head to UCLA to play the Bruins and the schedule isn’t getting any easier.  Seven wins might be as good as it gets for the Sun Devils.

SM: Michigan – Michigan blew out BYU and Michigan was the unranked team in that game.  People are reacting to this, but not enough.  HARBAUGH HAS THE WOLVERINES ROLLING!!!  They looked dreadful in their first game against Virginia Tech.  Questions were raised about if Harbaugh could restore greatness back in Ann Arbor.  Since that game they have improved.  Every.  Single.  Game.  The Harbaugh era has begun.  Watch out Big Ten.

SM: Oregon – The Ducks got blown out.  I have a few friends that are Ducks fans. What they will tell you is, “it’s just one game.”  But, I will tell you the truth.  This is life after Chip Kelly.  His recruits are all but gone and Helfrich is trying his best to follow in his big footsteps.  Only problem, Chip Kelly can get more out of athletes than Mark Helfrich.  Helfrich has the talent on his team to win games, he just isn’t a good enough coach to win as many games as he should be winning.  We are seeing life after Chip happening in Oregon this season.  Cool uniforms, though.

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