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Over and Under Reactions Heading into Week 13 of College Football

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Over Reactions – AK: Les Miles Job Security – First off, I’m going to go ahead and say Les Miles is a great college football coach. Say what you want, but he has been great for LSU. With that being said it sounds like his is going to be on his way out, if you listen to “sources close to the situation”. This is the part of college football that shows it really isn’t the school in charge at these big programs. When program boosters have already claimed they will pay the 15 to 20 million dollar buyout that Miles would be owed. For football sake, I hope Miles keeps his job at LSU, but I feel pretty confident that he will be coaching at a major college football program next season. AK: Florida – You might find it odd that I put Florida as an overreaction. They are 10-1 and ranked number 12. That is the exact reason that Florida is right here. I get the style points argument, but what about the wins argument. There are a lot of teams who have lost late that have been ranked ahead of Florida this week. I think the Gators should be in the Top 8 at the worst. It will all even itself out when the SEC Championship game rolls around but I hope that if they would end up pulling off an upset against Alabama, they aren’t too far back in the polls to benefit from it. SM: Iowa – I am going out on a limb here and risking a lot of my credibility. I have not been high on Iowa all season. They have had a cupcake schedule to get to where they are, which is why I, along with a lot of America, am not on the bandwagon. The Huskers will get it done at home today. Ending the “magical” run of the Hawkeyes. A quote from Harold and Kumar’s journey to White Castle seems appropriate: “The universe tends to unfold as it should.” SM: CFP Committee – They are who we thought they were. Setting the final four each week is not an easy job. It is an imperfect system. There should be an 8 team playoff. That day will come. So, calm down and don’t panic until the final conference champs have been decided. Under Reactions – AK: Bedlam – It has lost a little bit of the luster since Oklahoma State lost to Baylor last week but this will be the first time in quite a few years that this game has some significance. If the Sooners win, they will be in the College Football Playoff and its possible this is a game that could vault Baker Mayfield into Heisman Contention. If the Cowboys win, they take out their biggest rival as well as set themselves up to possibly take that spot if they get some help at the top of the table. It should be a great game for the Big 12 Title. AK: Keenan Reynolds – Raise your hand if you know who this is. If you had your hands raised, congratulations you are a real college football fan. For those that didn’t, Keenan Reynolds is the quarterback for The Naval Academy and is also your all-time rushing touchdown leader in college football eclipsing the likes of Montee Ball, Ricky Williams, and Ron Dayne. Put that together with what this man does off the field and this is someone you should be paying attention too. He won’t likely get invited to New York for the Heisman trophy presentation, but maybe he should be recognized for everything he has done. SM: Ohio State vs. Michigan – The disappointing part is that this game could have meant so much. It is still a battle between two very talented coaches and football teams. The hype could have been so much more though. After last week’s game between the Buckeyes and Spartans, I am leaning toward taking a week off from Ohio State football. Just isn’t fun to watch. SM: Clemson – I am not to the point of completely trusting ACC schools. Therefore, I am skeptical of Clemson. South Carolina has not had a good season. But, they play tough competition and could be scary for a Clemson team that has coasted most of the season. Should we be paying more attention to this? I think so. Betting Lines AK: Go ahead and take Iowa -1.5. I don’t even know how this is even a real betting line. As my co-writer Sean Melmer would say—EASY MONEY. AK: Take the over in the Oregon vs Oregon State game. 67 points is something that will be easily hit. Oregon’s offense is finally looking like it was supposed to all season and their defense will give up enough points to make 67 easy. AK: Take Virginia Tech -3.5 against Virginia. In what could be Frank Beamer’s last game if the hokies lose, they prevail over the cavaliers and become eligible for their 20th straight bowl game. SM: Take UCLA (+3) to beat USC. Not sure why the Trojans are favored. Easy money. SM: Northwestern is a 3.5 point favorite over Illinois. Seems like an easy decision. Don’t over think this one. Easy money. SM: This isn’t the easiest bet. But, like I said, I am going out on a limb. Take the Huskers to upset the Hawkeyes today. Huskers are getting 1.5 points. I’m calling the upset. Kinda, easy money.

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