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Over and Under Reactions Heading Into Week 11 of College Football

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AK: Notre Dame – I was the same guy who said not to overreact to the CFP rankings last week.  I truly believe that still, but I do think the fact that Notre Dame is in the top 4 is ridiculous.  First of all, get in a conference! Thats a different argument for a different time.  I think that when your best wins at this point in the year are Temple and Navy, you should not be ranked above numerous undefeated teams.


AK: Striped shirts – Isn’t the idea of home field advantage to have the stadium get loud when the other team has the ball?  Play some pump up music before third done to get your defense going before a big play?  Someone needs to tell the referee in the Central Michigan vs Toledo game that.  On second and goal with Toledo at the five yard line.  The referee stopped the game to tell the band and cheerleaders that they were to loud and needed to be quiet?  Should the popcorn vendor only allow people to buy between plays too? What a joke! As we have seen this year in College Football, that is literally the last thing the officiating crews need to worry about.


SM:  Nebraska upsets Michigan State – My apologies, Nebraska Cornhuskers.  As soon as I thought you couldn’t get any worse.  You go and do something like this.  And TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!!!  The call at the end of the game was wrong, but who cares right?  Celebrate it while it lasts.  


SM:  Leonard Fournette’s Heisman Hopes – The most impressive thing about Week 10 was Alabama’s defense holding Leonard Fournette in check all game long.  LSU averages 277 yards on the ground a game.  Against Alabama, they mustered 54.  Fournette accounted for 31 of those.  Leonard Fournette is still the best back in the country, but Derrick Henry is on the better team.  Henry may have passed Fournette on the Heisman list because of that game.  Which might be right, might be wrong, but it is reality.  Alabama is playing like the best team in the country right now.  Complete and powerful in all facets of the game.  Clemson and Ohio State will be the only teams that could possibly compete.  The season is far from over.




AK: Baker Mayfield’s Heisman Hopes – Just want to throw out that this is the best player nobody is talking about for the Heisman Trophy.  With three marquee games in as many weeks, three wins could put him to the top of the list.  By the way he has already thrown for 28 Touchdowns and just 4 interceptions, while amassing over 2800 yards through the air.  Don’t forget his Five rushing touchdowns either.


AK: Conference Championship Games – If you are a Power 5 conference you should have a conference championship game.  I understand that their are more factors than just wanting one don’t get me wrong.  But if you want your conference represented in the CFP Final this will only help.  It’s another quality win for that team as well as being able to put that final stamp in the committees mind.  Unless you steamroll through the league undefeated and blowing everyone out (I am looking at you Big 12) you should have to be in the conference championship game to be considered. And yes I am purposely excluding Notre Dame by saying that.  JOIN A CONFERENCE!!!!


SM:  Oklahoma State – They just beat TCU by 20.  Their record is perfect.  If they run the table, meaning they beat Baylor and Oklahoma, they warrant a look at the College Football Playoff.  Don’t sleep on Mason Rudolph and the boys.  Atleast there is one Cowboy team worth watching this football season.


SM:  Memphis vs. Houston – We are sleeping on the fun level of this game.  Memphis is coming off of a loss to Navy and will be looking to take down an undefeated Houston crew.  Both teams could get to the 40’s.  That means touchdown city.  Tune in, football fans.  


Betting Lines

AK: Last Week: 0-3 (bet on offense and got burned.  Let that be a lesson)

  • Take the under at 54 in Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech.  Two teams that like to run the football and play solid defense.  Points will be at a premium.
  • Michigan State will cover -17.5 against Maryland.  Sparty will be out for blood after the finish to the game last week at Nebraska.  Also playing Maryland helps in healing that wound.
  • Call me dumb, (no seriously its fine) but I am going to take Oregon +9.5 against Stanford.  I like what the Ducks have been doing in recent weeks with Vernon Adams back under center and they always seem to have close games with Stanford.


SM:  Last Week: 1-2 (Duke laid an egg and the Huskers woke up)

  • The Oklahoma Sooners will cover (+2.5) and upset the Baylor Bears.  Baylor didn’t have their best game last week against the K-State Wildcats and will not be able to outsmart/outscore a well coached Sooner team that is on the rise.  Baylor is hitting a rough stretch here.  OU, OkSU, TCU.  Baylor will either vault into the top 4 or drop into the twenties.  My guess is the twenties.
  • I am all over Minnesota covering (+12.5) against the Iowa Hawkeyes.  Iowa is the weakest undefeated team remaining.  Not saying they will lose to the Gophers, but it won’t be a double digit victory either way.
  • Syracuse to cover (+27.5) against Clemson.  Boston College is 0-7 in conference.  Syracuse is 1-4.  Clemson beat BC by 17.  I just don’t see Clemson pouring it on.  I can see a three touchdown victory.  Not four.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Alex Kjellsen & Sean Melmer

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