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Over and Under Reactions Heading Into Week 10 of College Football

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AK: CFP Rankings – YES! There is likely an SEC bias here.  Lets all complain about it in the first rankings of the year.  These rankings will not mean anything once November is done.  All you Big 12 backers out there, if your team takes care of business they will be in.  Florida, if you take care of business, you will get in.  Memphis if you take care of business, you likely wont be in.  But the only way you have a chance is to go undefeated so why not do it anyway.  I understand people are upset about a 1-loss Alabama squad in the CFP 4.  Don’t be! The teams that deserve to be there will be there.


AK: Sign Stealing – If you follow the Pac-12 you have inevitably heard about the allegations against Arizona State for stealing sideline signals from teams.  First, I don’t like cheating I am not condoning this.  Coaches are coming out saying things against ASU but nobody has filed a complaint with the conference.  If you want to allege someone of doing something then go through the proper channels.  Don’t just run to the media and have them bad mouth them for you.


SM:  The U(nbelieveable) Return – With the time expired, the Hurricanes returned a kick by lateraling the ball 8 times and housing it for the win.  Or did they.  The ACC committee suspended the officials because they made “several” errors in the final play, which ultimately gave the Miami Hurricanes the victory.  My question is why can’t they give the win to Duke?  The return shouldn’t have counted is what they determined.  The Miami player had his knee down.  Play over.  Game over.  This play determined the outcome of the game.  It is an easy fix.  Make it right.


SM:  Bama vs. LSU – This will be a season defining game in more ways than one.  Either LSU will solidify themselves as a top four team, get into the College Football Playoff, and have a chance at a National Championship, or Alabama will.  The player showdown will be between the stud running backs.  Leonard Fournette has had a monster year.  Will he have some hardware to show for it?  Heisman?  National Championship?  This weekend will determine that.  Derrick Henry has had great numbers as well.  He is easily the second best back in the SEC, now that Nick Chubb is out.  He will be looking to prove that he is on the same level as Fournette.  College Football always seems to have that one game to watch each year.  This is the one.  




AK: Florida St. vs Clemson – This is the game nobody is talking about.  Maybe Clemson should thank Alabama and LSU for having their game on the same night, you know, just in case Clemson decides to revert back and do Clemson things.  But people need to realize this team is now ranked number one and are playing a one-loss Florida State team that basically took a bye week last week,(they played Syracuse), to rest their top players.  Look for this to possibly be the game of the weekend.


AK: Frank Beamer – The Coach at Virginia Tech announced this week that he will be retiring at the end of this year.  Beamer is no question the lead force behind turning Virginia Tech into the national program that it is.  He will be most remembered for “Beamer Ball”, as Frank was one of the first to spend a major part of every practice working on Special Teams and using many of his starters on those special teams.  Since we have had three games in three weeks end on huge special teams blunders, maybe more should take his cue.  Cheers Frank, enjoy retirement.


SM:  TCU vs. OK State Shootout – Hey, remember that time that the Saints beat the Giants 52-49.  Was that fun to watch?  If yes, then you should watch this game.  If no, then go have a beer with Rex Ryan and talk about different blitzing schemes.  This thing is going to be a shootout.  Like the legal kind.  Not the illegal kind.  Possible decider of the Big 12 Champion, big plays, Boykin doing Boykin things, and Rudolph slinging the rock.  The total yards will top 1,000 and the points may add up to 100.  Sports!


SM:  Nebraska Husker Fans – If you are reading this, Husker fans, I am just sorry.  From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.  Purdue.  I know.  I am sorry.  And now Michigan State.  I am sorry.  But, then Rutgers.  But, then Iowa.  I am sorry.  At least it is hunting season, right?


Betting Lines


  • I am going to go directly against my counterpart and say the Buckeyes cover against old SKI-U-MAH.  Look for 2-time Big 10 player of the year Braxton Miller getting a lot of reps at the quarterback position in the red-zone.
  • Baylor will cover giving K-state 18.5.  Bill Snyders boys just don’t have it this year.  Sorry Melms
  • Take the over (79) in Texas Tech vs West Virginia.  I don’t know if either team has a player listed at a defensive position on the roster.



  • You take the Gophers to cover against the Buckeyes (-23) and you do it now!  Minnesota’s defense is stout and the Gophers just put up 26 on Michigan’s D.  Easy money.
  • Duke is getting 8 points against UNC.  Rivalry game.  Duke is pissed about their loss to Miami.  Take the Dukies.  Easy money.
  • Michigan State (-5.5) is a good bet against the struggling Nebraska Huskers.  The Spartans will be out for blood after being left out of the “Top 4”.  Easy money.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Alex Kjellsen & Sean Melmer

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