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NHL is the Most Exciting Playoff Sport Right Now

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April and May are chaotic sports months. The NBA and NHL playoffs are going on at the same time, while the MLB and MLS seasons are in full swing, not to mention the home stretch of the major European soccer leagues, plus the Champions League semifinals and final. Between them all, the most exciting event has been the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Overtime games, goaltending controversies, and highlight reel plays have been just a few of the thrilling aspects that have enthralled fans in the NHL postseason. While the clash between James Harden and Stephen Curry was interesting, it is nothing compared to the three OT games in the NHL Western Conference Finals between the Ducks and Blackhawks.

Don’t get me wrong. Watching LeBron James and the Cavaliers find a way to win despite multiple injuries is great, but the intense, fast-paced action on ice has overtaken many fans’ interest. Without the timeouts and free-throws slowing things down, the Stanley Cup chase is the most exciting thing in sports right now.

It’s not like the NBA ratings are going to drop. They still are through the roof. But many of the series have been four or five games, unlike in hockey, where they are hovering around six or seven. Buzzer beaters from Paul Pierce, LeBron, and Derrick Rose have highlighted the NBA this postseason, but they need more of those and less timeouts and intentional fouls to keep up with hockey.

The Champions League has been a bit more exciting. Led by Barcelona’s big three and Real Madrid’s superstar struggles, the UCL has been very entertaining. But again, while it is great to see soccer, basketball, and baseball, the NHL, so far, has been the most fun to watch.

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