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NFL 1st Quarter Reactions

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Biggest Surprise:


SM: Dak Prescott – 4th round pick.  Not accurate.  Came out of a college system similar to Tim Tebow.  Cowboys defense looked like it would be terrible.  The odds were stacked against Dak.  The Cowboys coaching staff gets a lot of credit.  They have come up with the perfect system for Dak to succeed.  But he still has to perform.  Five games without an interception is something Tony Romo may have never done?  At the beginning of the season, a quarterback debate between Dak and Tony seemed silly.  Now it is a legit question.  Good for Dak.  Or I like to call him, Russell Wilson 2.0.


AK: Jared Goff – The biggest surprise to me is that we are yet to see Jared Goff.  Most teams and owners won’t give up that much for a number one overall pick, to have that pick be inactive.  Sure you might have him sit on the bench for a while, but to not even be active is pretty surprising to me.  Hopefully, for the Rams sake, whatever is holding him back from playing over a very unimpressive Case Keenum, gets figured out quickly.


Biggest Disappointment:


SM: Miami Dolphins – The money man.  They have spent too much money to suck this bad.  I could say Ndamukong Suh and Byron Maxwell and that would be enough.  Couple that with the acquisition of an always battling groin and hamstring injury Arian Foster and the never improving Ryan Tannehill and you have a huge disappointment.  Adam Gase can decide on Tannehill’s future after this season, which will likely be the end of Tannehill’s time in Miami, but he can’t get out of the numerous bad contracts that are pulling this team down.  


AK: Brock Osweiler – He is getting paid a whole lot of money for having 6 touchdowns to 8 interceptions.  I realize it is his first season starting, and the defense hasn’t been what it had been last season, but you don’t get paid that much to make excuses.  Brock needs to find a rhythm or Bill O’Brien will be looking to find a new job.


MVP Pick:


SM: Matt Ryan – The past is the past.  Forget the 6-0 start to last season and still somehow finding a way to miss the playoffs.  I’m all in on 2016 Matt Ryan.  He seems comfortable with both the system and the guys he is throwing to.  Why is this his season?  The two running backs, Freeman and Coleman, have set the tone on the ground and as pass threats.  That opens up the monster that is Julio Jones and his counterpart, Muhamed Sanu, to put up numbers.  Combine all of that with the fact that Jacob Tamme is proving to be a legit receiving tight end and you have a Matty Ice MVP season!


AK: Matt Ryan – At this point he is the best player on the best team and he has crazy numbers.  There are a few others I could have gone with, I wanted to give it to Bill Belichick, but I don’t think he is eligible, but Matt Ryan is for sure the leader in the clubhouse.  Hopefully this is the season Matty Ice finally lives up to that nickname and they can make a playoff run, because it is fun watching him, Julio Jones, and those two running backs put up points.


Super Bowl Pick:


SM: Freakin’ Patriots – They are not explosive.  They are unconventional.  They are older.  Their coach is grouchy.  Their leader is fundamentally sound.  Sounds like the perfect organization.  Similar to the San Antonio Spurs.  

Except, they are the evil version.  SpyGate.  DeflateGate.  They seem to find an edge any way they can.  I pick them to win the Super Bowl because Tom is pissed.  Belichek is pissed.  And Gronk and Bennett are monster targets.  Edelman and Amendola find openings.  Blount is a beast.  And when Dion Lewis comes back that is another pass catching back to add to Brady’s aresenal.  Their defense is sufficient enough to alllow the offense to outscore the opponent.  I don’t WANT this to happen, but I think it will.

Plus, Peyton retired so Tom doesn’t have to worry about losing to him in the playoffs again.


AK: How bout them Cowboys – Because why not?  There defense has been much better than anyone expected and will be getting back some guys from suspensions that could be impact players.  Ezekiel Elliott is leading the league in rushing, (and jersey sales), and has proven worthy of the high draft pick.  Dak Prescott has exceeded all expectations in place of Tony Romo and will be there when he, almost inevitably, gets hurt again or isn’t performing.  And remember, most of this is done without Dez Bryant as well.


One Final Thought:


SM: Terrelle Pryor – Browns!  Use the man!  I know he is your best receiver.  But there is no reason to play Kessler exclusively at the QB position.  Use the Human Swiss Army Knife like you did in week 3.  You are 0-5.  Will be 0-6 after the Titans run the ball down your throat.  MAKE CLEVELAND BROWNS FOOTBALL FUN AGAIN.

AK: Celebration Rule – Can we just let some guys have fun.  Does shooting an imaginary Bow and Arrow hurt to many people’s feelings?  This whole thing is getting ridiculous.  If a guy scores let him celebrate, if a defensive back makes a great play, let him wag his finger, this game is supposed to be fun!  The NFL already decides what their cleats have to look like, how long their socks have to be, and what set of numbers they get to wear on their jerseys based on their position, now they won’t let a guy shoot an imaginary bow and arrow into the air.  Find a hobby Roger Goodell because if that is what you are worried about, you have too much time on your hands.


Picks for the week:



Take the Niners +8.5.  Risky pick, it may seem.  Points will be at a premium with both teams scoring 23 or less points every game except the Bills burst against the Jets.  Bills will win, but Niners will cover.

Take the Lions -3 against the Rams.  It’s in Detroit.  The Lions got back on the right track last week offensively.  The Rams struggle to score.  If Stanford and the gang show up, they should win by a touchdown or more.

Take the Steelers -7.  I usually don’t touch 7 point favorites.  But the Dolphins (see above) are a dumpster fire.  Big Ben and the boys will light it up.  Easy money.


Take Chicago -1 ½ against Jacksonville.  Brian Hoyer has been throwing for 300 yards like he didn’t lose his last 3 starting jobs.

Take Tennessee -7 against Cleveland.  Marcus Mariota shredded the Browns last year and it will be more of the same this year

Im Taking Dallas plus 4 ½ against Green Bay.  The ground and pound offense will keep them close and if they score early there defense has been able to hold teams at bay.


Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Alex Kjellsen & Sean Melmer

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