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NBA Finals Prop Bets

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Prop betting is a science that takes a decent amount of luck but you can make the odds work for you. Football may seem easier but in basketball you can break it down and have some guesstimates that might make you a little cash.

In this extended Superbowl like wait for the Finals, everything is being broken down. Here are some odds I haven’t found yet but am still searching for: if LeBron James will where his headband during the finals, I would take anything over +300. Another is anything concerning putting any member of Steph Curry’s family on TV, definitely take the over.

Lebrons head band

The biggest Finals Prop bet is MVP odds that have Steph at -250 and LeBron at +150. The better bet is for their team to win though, the Cavs are +170 and Golden State is   -220 so those are the better bets. A home run is Klay or Kyrie both at +1.400 but we all think and know it is gong to be LeBron or Steph, rarely do the Superstars not win MVP.

Game 1 is going to be a rocky back and forth affair, Golden State is going to win but not going to start out very strong. LeBron loves to lose game 1 but I do like the Cav’s to get to 20 points first, which is at +125.

The best Cavalier prop bet is Tristian Thompson total rebounds of over 10.5, which is -105. This guy is a monster and cannot be stopped; whoever tries to box him out, Bogut, Green or Ezeli will have more than their hands full.

t thompson

The Cavaliers are going to go after Curry physically and his total made free throws is 4.5, taking the over is irresistible. Curry’s total points 29.0 but it is -115 if you like Curry to have a big night take the over on made 3s which is 4.5 and +105, much sexier. He is averaging 4.9 3P’s per game these playoffs (

We don’t know what we are going to get from Klay Thompson in game 1. With his health in question expect him to be more of a force on defense and take out Kyrie. Both Kyrie and Klay will have good finals statistically but they will both be more effective situational.

Prop betting is an insane science but liking the stars to succeed is always easy. Remember, don’t put the rent on it but don’t be frightened either.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Chin

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