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For the past five years one of the biggest questions in the world of sports and in that of boxing a sport that has lost some popularity is will the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather ever manifest. This past Friday Mayweather announced the biggest fight in recent memory will happen this upcoming May. The question many fans of boxing and of this match up in general that have been tossed around, is this fight happening too late? With an undefeated Mayweather and a Pacquiao who has lost some tough fights including being put to sleep much to the amusement of social media and meme makers alike. Both fighters are past their prime and a fight like this may be the concluding statement of two great careers in a violent sport that could use the jolt in popularity this fight will indeed bring.

Mayweather who has no blemishes on his record still has one last hurdle to overcome in order to cement his legacy as one of the greatest boxers ever. Floyd is no doubt a defensive guru in the ring and to some a defensive guru out of the ring by ducking the fight with Pacquiao this long. There is no question Mayweather had to fight Pacquiao or there will be a strong contingent of people who will lessen the legacy of Mayweather if he had avoided this fight.¬†Manny Pacquiao has agreed with the multiple request of the Money Team’s demands to blood testing each week leading up to the fight and an uneven 60/40 split of the hundreds of millions of dollars this fight will draw with the pay per view sales as well. Lately, Manny has called out Floyd and said he was afraid and he is just ready to fight.

After several face to face meetings the fight is finally on the horizon and everyone is sure to take sides in the coming days,weeks,and months to come. One thing is for sure it seems as though if fans have waited this long and are still willing to treat this as the mega fight it may be there is no doubt this could be a classic.

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