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Lebron James, a Prince among Kings

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Ok, I am going to vent about Lebron James. Why does this guy always get a pass when his team doesn’t meet expectations? In Cleveland, he didn’t have enough talent around him. In Miami he didn’t have guys step up. When will we point fingers at LBJ and say he didn’t do enough. Well I’m going to. HE DIDN’T DO ENOUGH!

 Yes 31 points seems like a great night. However, he scored 17 in the 1st quarter, meaning he averaged just over 4 points a quarter for the last 3. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! He shot 10-21 in the game. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Several times he let his guys beat him off the dribble and score easy, and at times he didn’t even run back on defense. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Lastly, he took himself out with 6 minutes left to go in the game, he quit. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! He did not do enough for his team to win, and as a self proclaimed “King” and someone who wants to be the “best ever”, he did not do enough. For someone who said he will be on the Mount Rushmore of basketball, he did not do enough. And finally, for someone who said he would win, “not two, or three, or four, or five, or six, or even 7” but more, championships, HE DID NOT DO ENOUGH. He did not step up when his team needed him too. He tapped himself out and quit! Just like he did in Cleveland, he quit.

The argument that he didn’t have anyone help him and he was by himself is laughable. First and fore most, he chose this. He left Cleveland and went to his hand picked “super team” of the big 3. Lebron did that. As the expression goes, “You made the bed, now you have to sleep in it.” He put himself in this situation, and he didn’t have enough to do his part. And I have facts to back me up. I went back and looked up some of the title teams of the past and compared them to this Heat team. The outcome was very interesting. Not only do the facts show Lebron had help, he had more help then some of the best this sport has seen. I looked up the top 4 scorers of past NBA champions in the playoffs and finals compared to this Heat team, here is the results (numbers are points per game):



13-14 Heat


95-96 Bulls

05-06 Heat

06-07 Spurs

08-09 Lakers

Lebron 27.4

Olajuwon 28.9

Jordan 30.7

Wade 28.4

Duncan 22.2

Kobe 30.2

Wade 17.8

Maxwell 13.8

Pippen 16.9

O’Neal 18.4

Parker 20.8

Gasol 18.3

Bosh 14.9

Horry 11.7

Kukoc 10.8

Walker 13.3

Ginobili 16.7

Odom 12.3

Allen 9.3

Thorpe 11.3

Harper 8.8

J. Williams 9.3

Finely 11.3

Ariza 11.3


            Don’t get me wrong, Lebron is a great player. But when someone talks as much as he does about how great he is and will be, and how all these media people (ESPN) put him on a mantle, he has not done enough. And I am sick and tired of him getting all the credit and taking none of the blame. He is still a Prince among Kings, and I don’t know if he will ever break into the top tier of the NBA greats.  And now, this summer, the story will be, where will Lebron go. Where will he take his talents? Warning for anyone who wants this guy, he has quit on each of the 2 teams he’s played for, and if you want Lebron, you better have a Batman to his Robin.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Mike Banyasz

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