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Lane Kiffin’s Next Chapter After CFB National Title

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You would imagine that Lane Kiffin had finally gotten things together since he helped Alabama win their 16th national championship, even though he got left behind again afterwards. It looked like a major comeback after all he had done since ditching Tennessee for USC after one season. Nick Saban was most likely the only coach that would give Kiffin a second chance after the way he messed things up. I guess even after winning a national championship, you’re bound to lose something in the end.

Kiffin announced that he and his wife Layla are mutually getting a divorce. They have three children, two daughters Landry and Pressley and son Monte Knox. The announcement comes just almost two months after Alabama beat Clemson for their first CFB Playoff National Championship. The only negative (but funny) moment before the divorce became public was when he was left behind by the team bus. You would imagine it would be the last time you would hear of any news regarding Kiffin unless it was football related.

Kiffin has no doubt gained some redemption from his recent mistakes when he abruptly bolted Tennessee for USC. The mess he created and left behind after his dismissal could’ve been the nail in the coffin as far as his coaching career is concerned. Saban was reluctant to give Kiffin a second chance, even though several critics questioned his decision. After two seasons, you don’t hear any more whispers about the move, in which Kiffin gave Alabama a new identity offensively.

There’s always a time when you finally reached your goal, only you always end up losing something down the road. A situation like Kiffin’s is just as painful. He may not have totally redeemed himself in some critics’ eyes, but it was enough to be pursued for another head coaching job. Kiffin instead decided to stay on at Alabama for a third season. If his decision played a part in his split, we won’t never know the answer. You’ll just have to hope for the best for Kiffin down the road.

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