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Independence Day & Sports

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During the month of July I was thinking about the impact that democracy in our Sports Businesscountry has had on sports in the United States. While I’m not sure our forefathers envisioned professional, collegiate, and interscholastic and youth sports being as comprehensive as they are today when they signed the Declaration of Independence, they did pave the way for the United States to become the greatest sports country in the world. Without our independence what would sports look like in our country today?  As citizens in the United Sates we have a lot to be thankful for with sports including:

  • The freedom to play youth sports and learn the value of team work at a young age.
  • The freedom to tryout for high school sports and create life long memories and friendships.
  • The opportunity to earn a college scholarship and receive a world class education.
  • For a select few the opportunity to earn a living playing professional sports.
  • For many the opportunity to work in the sports business industry.
  • For most everyone the opportunity to follow their favorite sports team or athlete.

While I was never gifted enough to even consider playing professional sports, I have had the opportunity to make sports a major part of my life.  Like many of my friends in the business, I feel very blessed to live in a country where opportunity to work in sports exists for many who are dedicated and willing to put the extra hours that can go with a dysfunctional lifestyle that brings an unbelievable level of job satisfaction.

Over the last couple of decades sports have become an easy target for the media to pick apart for a wide variety of reasons ranging from steroid use to domestic violence. I would ask you to look at the positive side of sports and like millions of Americans embrace sports for the positive attributes that they bring to our culture.

 Independence Day

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