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Has Will Muschamp Learned His Lesson?

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It was no secret whatsoever that Will Muschamp would get another chance of being head coach, but his opportunity came a lot sooner than everyone expected. After he was fired as head coach at Florida, he returned to Auburn as defensive coordinator where it was thought that he and Gus Malzahn would become the dream team of the SEC. There are those who thought that they would give Alabama a run for their money in the SEC West.

But thanks to a major setback on offense and the “BOOM” defense not living up to expectations, the dream team didn’t stay together long. Around the same time that Auburn was struggling, Steve Spurrier immediately resigned as head coach at South Carolina, as they went on to have their worst season under his watch since he took over for Lou Holtz. In fact, the Gamecocks were in worst shape than Auburn was as far as their record and performance is concerned.

Everyone knows why Muschamp’s run at Florida was not well recognized, mostly due to allegedly handcuffing the offense and lots of injuries. While his hiring at South Carolina was very skeptical among analysts and fans, the athletic department seems confident in their decision, even though they weren’t able to land the like’s of Tom Herman from Houston or Rich Rodriguez from Arizona.

With those names, South Carolina looked to go the offensive route at the most, which can lead to possibly the biggest question. Has Will Muschamp learned his lesson? We can only wonder since he brought back almost all of his old staff from his days at Florida. One thing we can reference is when Ed Orgeron was head coach at Ole Miss, he brought a lot of hype, but was unable to back it up. When he was named interim head coach at USC, he turned them around, but was not given the job afterwards.

The one main thing to look out for is the change in the offense. If he can take what he learned from Florida and make it into a positive at South Carolina remains to be seen. No doubt that Muschamp is a strong disciplinarian and defensive mind. Let’s just hope he keeps the ball going further and keeps everyone healthy.

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