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Fantasy Baseball Top Tiers for 3rd Base & Short Stops

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This week we are going to speed things up a bit and finish up the infield. We have 3rd base and short-stop top tiers left for the infield. I didn’t realize how fast the season and your fantasy drafts are coming so I need to get some pep in my step in these top tier rankings. Also you will see that we have been posting the rest of the top 20 of each position and what tier they would be in throughout the week so don’t miss those. Fantasy Baseball drafts are in full-swing, so hopefully these rankings give you some help.

3rd Basemen:

1.Josh Donaldson

2.Nolan Arenado

3.Manny Machado

4.Kris Bryant

5.Matt Carpenter

This group is pretty much the same around the fantasy baseball world. They are led by the reigning AL MVP in Josh Donaldson. J-Bones is my 4th overall guy when it comes to drafting. The guy is a beast and I don’t see him slowing down in that lineup and in the Rogers Center. The next two guys are really battling for that #2. Both these guys are young studs and you can’t be made getting either of them. Arenado gives you the huge power at Coors, but Manny gives you some walks and steals, so either way you win. We all know about Bryant, and Matty C is as solid as they get, and if he can continue to show that power he will remain in the top 5.

Breakout: Maikel Franco

Franco was a big-time prospect for the Phillies and he hasn’t disappointed. Last year he came up and mashed for a crap Phillies team. On a game by game performance he actually averaged more points than Kris Bryant soooo, yea the kid is good. This year he is looking for a full year where he can break into that top 5-7 at the position.

Sleeper: Josh Harrison

Harrison had a lost year last year with injuries. 2014 was Harrison’s breakout year, where he did everything at every position. He is so valuable in having multiple position eligibilities. Now with Neil Walker gone to the Mets, Harrison has a clear path to play 2nd base, but still have eligibly at 3rd base. Look for him to get back to his 2014 ways and put himself back on the map.


1.Carlos Correa

2.Troy Tulowitzki

3.Xander Bogaerts

4.Francisco Lindor

5.Corey Seager

Man did Correa put on a show in his rookie year. Not even a full year and bang, you have your new #1 SS in fantasy baseball. The youngster is just another start in the making. The #2 spot was hard for me to pick because I really wanted to put Xander there. The only problem is that Xander still hasn’t shown that power we are all waiting for. When he shows that he will be without a doubt be in that #2 spot. Tulo is getting older and health is always an issue but I just can’t move him down yet with all the unproven youngsters behind him. Speaking of youngsters you have Lindor and Seager next on this list. Seager would usually be ahead of Lindor, but the late knee injury in the spring worries me a tad.

Breakout: Jung Ho Kang

Kang will miss some time with recovering from that awful leg injury that happened in 2015. When he comes back though, I think he will pick up where he left off. He showed last year that he can handle the stick and in that good lineup he should be able to drive some runs in and score some runs.

Sleeper: Trevor Story

So Jose Reyes is going to be suspended for domestic violence and most likely longer than Chapman. The good thing for the Rockies is that they have a capable prospect that can step up. Story is known for his bat so that mixed with Coors Field could be a match made in heaven. It’s also a good sign that he is tearing the cover off the ball in spring, so he is making a strong case that the Rockies shouldn’t even think about Reyes again.


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