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ESPN’s Moral Cesspool

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Meet Britt McHenry. Britt is a reporter for ESPN. In this video, Britt berates a tow company employee, saying that she doesn’t work in such a dump because she has a college degree and all her teeth. The tow lady was nice enough to tell Britt that all of this was being recorded on surveillance camera. But that didn’t stop her.

Sure enough, this video got out and spread like wildfire. ESPN, forced to take action, decided to suspend Britt. Fair enough, because she doesn’t necessarily deserve to get fired (although it’s close). So they suspended her for a long time, right? Wrong! She’ll be back by the end of next week.

ESPN has been very bipolar with suspensions to anchors and writers recently. Keith Law, an MLB insider for ESPN, was suspended from Twitter for defending the theory of evolution against a ranting and as always idiotic Curt Schilling. Because Curt’s a well-known baseball player, you can’t argue theories with concrete science without consequences. Bill Simmons, founder of Grantland and quite possibly the biggest troll in sports media, was suspended for three weeks for calling out Roger Goodell in a podcast, insinuating that he was a liar in how he handled the Ray Rice fiasco. Apparently, a freedom of opinion is allowed only when you’re not clashing with the most powerful man behind the country’s biggest sport. And it deserves a bigger punishment than verbally abusing someone and not caring that what would ensue would be exposed.

I am honestly disgusted and fed up with ESPN and how they go about their business. ESPN has become the TMZ of sports, giving hours upon hours of exposure to a small set of teams and players, while essentially excluding everything else that constitutes sports. Hockey coverage is unheard of on ESPN, even though it’s currently the NHL playoffs. And then they do things like this. Had this been any other news station (since ESPN insists that what they do is news), you can be certain that Britt would be starting to update her resume.

Ever since I was a little kid who turned on Sportscenter every morning before school, I’ve wanted to be a part of ESPN. After all, it can’t get better than getting paid to work in sports. Things like this have forced me to take a hard look in the mirror and reconsider. After all, I’d like to have a good opinion of the company I’m working for.

I’m not going to stop watching ESPN. They have too much of a stranglehold on the sports market to forbid me from watching other channels while getting the full immersion of athletics that I desire. Nonetheless, I am very, very disappointed in how they deal with rotten eggs. This is a disgrace and I hope they realize that what they’re doing is incredibly morally reprehensible.

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