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Conference Championship Preview + Final Four Predictions

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Conference Championship Preview + Final Four Predictions


ACC – Clemson vs. North Carolina

AK: Is Clemson going to be Clemson or will they prove to be the number one team in the country?  Does a win get North Carolina in the playoff?  The answer is still up in the air.  Personally, I think the Tar Heels make big plays early and are able to hold off Clemson for the win.  This won’t get the Heels into the playoff but it will knock Clemson out.

SM: Clemson has a lot to lose and the Tar Heels need A LOT to happen for them to get into the final four.  Either way, both want to win today.  Will Deshaun Watson play like a Heisman finalist?  Will UNC keep making plays at crucial times?  My prediction is that we say some good stuff from Watson and company.  They have come to far to turn back now.  Tigers will be playoff bound.  

BIG10 – Michigan State vs. Iowa

AK: Is Iowa legitimate? That’s what everyone wants to know.  They were gifted with a very weak Big10 schedule this year and are pretty unproven to this point.  Michigan State on the other hand has beaten both Michigan and Ohio State on the road.  Michigan State in my opinion is the much better team and should come out of this game with a win and a berth in the college football playoff..

SM: I have picked Iowa to get upset a lot lately.  They keep on fighting.  Doing just enough to win each game.  THAT ENDS TODAY!  Iowa is the only thing standing in the way of the Spartans and a playoff spot.  Connor Cook should be healthier and ready to have a big game.  Close game, but the Spartans prevail.  THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

PAC 12 – Stanford vs. USC

AK: This isn’t going to be a game.  Stanford is a much better team than USC and they will prove it.  Stanford will use this as a statement game to propel themselves over the Buckeyes and take their spot in the CFP in the place that Clemson will have vacated.  Look for a huge game out of Christian McCaffrey.

SM: The Trojans have named their head coach for the future.  Unfortunately, he won’t finish his first season with a Pac-12 Championship on his resume.  David Shaw and Stanford have the offensive weapons advantage and they will win the biggest aspect of this game, the battle in the trenches.  Stanford will show that they are a better program, top to bottom, than the Trojans.  Your time will come USC.  Just not yet.

SEC – Alabama vs. Florida

AK: With Will Grier I would have loved Florida with the upset here.  But with Will Grier this may longer have been and upset.  florida has one of the top defenses in all College Football but their offense is one of the worst.  I would be surprised if the offense even scores in this game for the Gators.  Look for this game to be very similar to the game last week against the Seminoles.

SM: Barring the Heisman front runner, Derrick Henry, going down in the first quarter with an injury that will take him out of the game, I don’t see this one being close.  Alabama has the upperhand in all facets of the game.  Florida has fought to get to the SEC championship without the help of Will Grier.  The run is over.  Bama will make another appearance in the final four.


Final 4 Predictions

AK: 1. Alabama 2. Oklahoma 3. Michigan St. 4. Stanford

SM: 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Oklahoma 4. Michigan State

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Alex Kjellsen and Sean Melmer

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