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Complete football to discover the most suitable fabrics for uniforms

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Jersey, shorts, socks, a complete football does not leave anything to chance: the best fabrics for a split from Serie A!

Complete Football: how they’ve changed over time

The technology evolves and even sportswear turns, reaching very high levels of aesthetic and comfort. If we think of the history of football, a sport that is starting to be played in amateur way back in the nineteenth century, we can reconstruct the main stages right through the ‘ evolution of his uniform . In the beginning there were no real football suits, vests were colored, but all different, the shorts did not exist, let alone the kit elements such as shin guards. To get closer to soccer complete as we imagine them today, we have to wait until after World War II, when it disappears wool, it appears the V-neck, appearing shorts, shorter and tight, and in warmer countries is looking more and more lightweight fabrics and comfortable to wear.

The economic boom of the 60s sees on the scene big brands like Adidas and Puma, football Full become more technical, on the shirts you see the logo of the supplier, often creating problems; in the 70’s the complete football are the official team uniforms, the key to follow the fate of the match, a mark of identification not only for players but also for the fans who can now purchase and give complete football custom with the colors of the team and the number of the core sample.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Ketherin Jonsson

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