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Cavs Should Begin Resting LBJ for Playoff Push

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A very smart person once told me we are only smart if we learn from the past.   If we keep repeating the same mistakes, we can only blame ourselves for our ineptitude. The Cavaliers know what is coming.   LeBron is going to kick his NBA greatness into another gear come playoff time, and it is going to drain him.  If/When the Cavs make it to the finals the big question is whether he will still have gas left in his tank.  Yes, this year he has two young starts next to him that have the ability to carry more of the load.  Yes, he finally has a legitimate center next to him to open lanes and take a beating on his behalf under the basket.  And yes, he is also one year older.  So, I think the Cavs should really think about resting him.  Honestly,  whether we are the two or the three seed, I don’t think it matters.  What does matter is that LeBron has is legs under him come the Finals, because whatever team comes out of the West is going to be one hell of a challenge.

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