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Carson Wentz to the Colts makes too much sense

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Carson Wentz is a top 10 quarterback talent that forgot how to play quarterback in 2020.  The city of Philadelphia has always been known to be unforgiving.  Philly fans demand the highest level of performance from their star athletes and it is well documented that for those who underperform, either they step up to challenge and are embraced and revered by the fanbase or they are chased out of town.   There really isn’t a middle ground.

Carson, with all of his talent, did not handle the addition of Jalen Hurts to the roster well.  His decision making changed, as he held on to the ball for longer than was needed or he often forced throws into bad situations that we had not seen from him in the past.  It was as if he was constantly looking over his shoulder at the blue chip quarterback standing on the sidelines waiting for him to screw up.  For many superstar quarterbacks, the addition of a rookie replacement to the roster draws out a competitive fire within them a la Aaron Rogers who took home MVP honors this year after his GM drafted Jordan Love or Tom Brady winning two Super Bowls with Garoppolo on the sidelines.  Wentz on the other hand crumbled under the pressure.

Fans, media, and those of us on our respective couches at home are all in agreement that this trade is heavily skewed in the Colts favor as they are getting potentially a franchise quarterback for the low price of a third round pick and future second ( could become a high first round pick).  This trade is potentially one of the biggest steals in the history of the NFL for a Colts organization in desperate need of filling Hall of Famer, Philip Rivers shoes.

If Carson Wentz can find himself again, he will have hit the lottery as the Colts are a well balanced playoff caliber team.  They have a great O-line, top five D-line with weapons on both sides of the ball.  Most importantly, they will not have a quarterback controversy as Wentz will be “the guy”. $96 Million dollars for a potential franchise quarterback for 4 years is a steal as long as Carson can deliver and I expect that he will.

Who wins this trade will be decided over the years to come.  Maybe Jalen Hurts will become a superstar, and the Eagles will have an easy transition into the future, and maybe Carson Wentz will find the spark he’s lost in Indy.  Only time will tell, but for now at least, Colts fans should be very excited that an established veteran with great promise is taking over the reigns of a well rounded team, and Eagles fans can have hope that their future franchise signal caller is already on the roster.

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