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Broulis Beat Report: Wiggins for Love and more!

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CANTON, Ohio- If you could go back and decide whether to trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love, would you still make the trade? Well, I’m bringing this up because I was recently asked by a friend of mine if I would. He said he would’ve kept Wiggins over an injury prone Kevin Love. While I understand where he’s coming from, think about this.

  1. Once James returned back to Cleveland, the Cavaliers were instantly put into the mode known as “Win now”. Andrew Wiggins was not ready for that. Nor was Wiggins mature enough to be ready to handle how far Cleveland was going to go in the NBA playoffs. While youth, and especially talented youth is a great thing to have, time and time again, it’s been proven in the playoffs that experience is extremely important, and you cannot get that type of experience any other way other than to go deep into the NBA playoffs. If you want, you can do some research and prove me wrong, but you need experience to handle the moments.
  2. You can make the argument that Love didn’t have any playoff experience, but he had already played six seasons in Minnesota and was depended on heavily. My point? Love had six seasons of basketball at the NBA level under his belt already.
  3. I respect James’ eye for what he needs on his team for them to be ready to win a title. LeBron knew that Wiggins needed at least two years to find himself and figure out the NBA game.
  4. If Wiggins was on the roster last year and not Love, the Warriors repeat as NBA champions. While Love didn’t have a great series from an offensive stand point, he rebounded well and did just well enough on defense to force Steph Curry to take a less than idea 3-point shot in game 7.
  5. Andrew Wiggins needed to be on a roster where he is the focal point. The offense for the Timberwolves goes through Wiggins and he needs that if he’s going to become as good as Minnesota hopes he’ll become. In Cleveland, Andrew would have come off the bench and that would have delayed his growing process.
  6. One thing I’ve noticed with Andrew Wiggins so far? He’s not a willing passer. Andrew can score, but his assists leave much to be desired. He’s improved his rebounding, but again, his game isn’t good enough to help a team win the NBA title. Love’s overall game is.
  7. Kevin’s injuries, whether it’s his back or knee aren’t a good sign. I agree with that. But, Love didn’t start experiencing injuries until the 2014 season. Cleveland needs to get more help from their bench to limit the minutes of Irving, Love and James. That would definitely help.
  8. Grant it, Wiggins is still young and only played two seasons in the league, he’s not close to being a double-double player like Kevin Love is, let alone, on a game to game basis.



Kevin Love is averaging 20 PPG and 11 TRB.


So, why I understand some people may be frustrated with Love’s recent injuries, the only way I would have kept Andrew Wiggins, is if LeBron didn’t come back. Then Cleveland would have gone the route of building a solid foundation around Irving and Wiggins. I’m not sure if Tristan Thompson would have become the player he is today is he wasn’t playing with James. I can remember when there were trade rumors surrounding Thompson. And to take it a step further, I personally, wanted the Cavs to trade him. I didn’t think he was worth the #4 overall selection. I think playing with LeBron has been the key for Thompson. James with a combination of Irving and Love, commands so much attention, Thompson commands the least amount of attention.

Right now, LeBron James is averaging 37 minutes a game. I’m with the majority of people who say he’s playing too many minutes. Agree with you 100%. So, here’s where the BUT part comes. LeBron James takes care of his body as well as anyone. He actually trains harder than some 20-year old’s, from what I’ve seen. Let’s remember this to. James knows his body better than anyone and I’m sure once he thinks it’s time to reduce his minutes to prep for the playoff run, it’ll happen. James may be lying when he says he feels great, he’s highly competitive, what do you expect him to say? I used to be a great bowler, I would bowl for hours in one day. My thumb would start to get extremely sore, do you think I was going to let that stop me? Especially when I’m throwing games over 220? Again, I would love to see his minutes reduced, but, this team will be fine down the road and I’m sure there’s already a plan in place for these minutes for, not only James, but for everyone, to get reduced.

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