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Broulis Beat Report: Where Do I Start With The Browns

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CANTON,Ohio- The Cleveland Browns are nearing that 0-16 mark. And they will get there, even if they try not to. It’s going to happen. The Buffalo Bills beat the Browns 33-13 at New Era Field.

I stopped keeping notes when watching the Browns about four games ago. Why? Because I got tired of writing down the same miscues, the same players making the same mistakes and the same misery that was guaranteed during every game.

I heard some people say before the Bills game that Cleveland had a chance to win this game. Will this be the same people that say we have a chance against San Diego on Christmas Eve? You won’t find me predicting a Browns win.

Talking about the game in Buffalo. We already knew Cleveland had a terrible defense in general. We knew they can’t stop the run. So do you force Tyrod Taylor to pass it, or do you take your chances trying to stop LeSean McCoy?

I would have taken my chances and made Taylor throw the ball. I would have loaded the box and did everything I could to slow down McCoy. Problem with that? They did that on some plays, and still couldn’t stop the run. LeSean McCoy’s final stat line…..19 rushes for 153 yards and 2 TD’s. Cleveland had a hard enough time tackling McCoy. Why does it still amaze me at times that this defense is so bad at tackling? Probably because they’re supposed to know how to at this point.

Speaking of running the ball. Do you know who the Browns leading rusher was? If you guessed Robert Griffin III, you would be correct. Griffin ran the ball 8 times for 48 yards. That’s the QB! Crowell only touched the ball 8 times and Duke Johnson ran the ball 5 times. So Robert didn’t lead the team in rushing, he was tied for the lead. Unbelievable!And unacceptable.

These are the games where you need to be able to run the ball. This is why you make sure the offensive line is the best, if not a top 10 line. It’s the same weather we deal with in Cleveland.

The game, yesterday, was beyond frustrating. So much that I can’t even talk about it. I have nothing good to talk about when it comes to that game.

Plus I want to keep my loyal readers. I don’t want to bore them.

Where are you at with the Cleveland Browns? Do you actually watch in hopes of them winning the game? Do you just have the game on and laugh every time they make a mistake because you know it’s going to happen? Do you have the game on and do stuff around the house? How about this question, do you even have the game on at all?

How about the quarterback situation? I’ll be the first to say that this experiment with Griffin III is now over. And I’ll admit, I wrote an article completely in favor of signing Robert. I felt that a change of scenery and a head coach that cares for him, would help him out. Well, I’m here to admit that Robert Griffin III is not a starting QB in the NFL.

Cody Kessler is not a starter, but he could be a quality backup.

So in other words, the quarterback of the future is still not on this roster. And I highly advise the Browns not to reach for one in the first round. Please take the best available players with your first two picks in the first round. And please don’t trade down for more future picks. Cleveland is in desperate need of impact players.

How about the coaching staff? Is Hue Jackson the answer? Ray Horton as Cleveland’s defensive coordinator? Pep Hamilton as the Browns offensive coordinator?

I would only make a change at defensive coordinator. The Browns are giving up way too many points every game. I understand our offense isn’t exactly lighting up the scoreboard, but the defense is not watchable.

It’s time to make the change back to the 4-3 defense. Cleveland does not have the linebackers to play a 3-4. Please change it next year.

Right now, I think a change at head coach is definitely not the answer. I also realize that if we fire Ray Horton, we have to bring in a new DC and that means a change in our defensive scheme. Other teams have done it and been successful, so that means we can to.

Do you realize that the toughest part for the browns right now, is convincing fans to pay money to come down to watch this circus of a football team. In Buffalo, if you shoveled snow on the field for 4 or more hours, you got a free game ticket. You seen how many empty seats there were at their stadium Sunday afternoon. Buffalo is one of the top football towns in America to! Plus they actually have wins!

I have a suggestion for the Browns. Stop worrying about the gameday experience so much and focus on the draft. Focus on keeping your young, but talented players and focus on filling a hole or two with the right free agents.

The fans will come down to the stadium. They just want a team that they’re proud to call theirs. Cleveland Browns fans don’t need T-shirt tosses and all the other things that go on between breaks. Cleveland Browns fans just want a team that they can and want to support. And right now, they don’t have anything close to that. And it’s up to the front office, starting with Jimmy Haslam. to get it right. 

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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