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Broulis Beat Report: The Summer of James By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- NBA free-agency will be here soon and just about everyone is curious as to what Lebron James will do.

Yes, it’s another summer of Lebron. Who will land the most talented player in the NBA? Let’s see where his best options are.

Let’s start out with the team in the second largest market in the country, the LA Lakers. The Lakers have the cap space to sign multiple big-name players such as James and Paul George. George is from the area and he’d be playing for his hometown team. If LA could sign George, that might be enough to convince James to sign with Los Angeles.

Here’s my problem. Even if the Lakers have the cap space , they still wouldn’t be able to compete with the Warriors. Golden State has four all-stars in their starting lineup alone.

The other team LA would have to go up against, would be the Houston Rockets. LA would have a better chance competing against the Rockets, but I still don’t think they would be able to win four out of seven in a playoff series.

I’ve heard plenty of rumblings on Philadelphia wanting to sign James. That’s just not a good fit considering Ben Simmons and Embiid need the ball in their hands.

Finally, there’s the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. This is indeed where I see James landing, staying or however you want to put it, I also noticed that Cleveland’s average odds to win the 2019 NBA championship have shortened from +2400 on June 15th to +1500 on June 25th across a number of online sports betting sites  and I think this improved have far more to do with LeBron James’ impending free agency than the results of the recent NBA Draft.

By staying in the East, that gives James the best chance to reach the finals for a 9th straight season . James needs to focus on getting to the finals as many times as possible. That alone gives him a chance at winning another title.

Cleveland will have to make some moves, there’s no doubt about that.

There are teams that I’ve read that might be interested in players such as J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson and Jordan Clarkson just to name a few. I know, that may seem hard to believe, but it’s true.  The Cavs must keep an eye out for teams that are in a full rebuild mode or are looking to take on bad contracts, just to use them as a trade piece or buy the player out.

I do know this, by next season, this Cavs team will look different regardless of what Lebron does.

  FINAL THOUGHTS- I don’t see James leaving. Staying in the East is James best bet to get back to the finals. Right now, James has to stop worrying about catching Jordan and trying to change the minds of Jordan’s loyal fans. To them, he will always be the greatest ever. James still can chase Bill Russell an try to break his record of reaching ten straight finals.

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