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Broulis Beat Report: The Browns have more than 99 problems By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- Is there or is there not a plan in place anymore for the Browns?

I’m extremely confused at this point. I’ve been following the Browns for over 15 years.

I’ve never seen them in this type of shape.

I’m talking about the front office, all the way down.

They keep talking about everyone needing patients. They keep preaching about how this is the youngest team in the NFL. The front office constantly talks about how they’re doing everything possible to change the culture and return the Browns to their traditional winning ways.

I’m constantly listening to or hearing coach Hue Jackson or Sashi Brown talk about working to get better.

I know I’m not the only one that’s not seeing this team get any better, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

Tennessee is a good team, but they’re not great. The Titans came to Cleveland and won 12-9 in overtime and they didn’t use half the excuses the Browns front office has, for their previously poor records.


Hue Jackson is officially feeling the pressure that so many coaches have felt, that have been here before him. You can see it and hear it. I don’t blame him. But, as of now, he’s starting to make decisions based on winning just one game. That is the goal, yes, I understand, but it’s almost as if his game plan has changed quite a bit since the third or fourth week.

I didn’t understand taking Kizer out and putting in Kessler.

You bench a guy for throwing two interceptions. I understand he has to somehow, someway learn to stop doing that. But, what about Dwayne Bowe? I mean Kenny Britt? This guy should be traded or let go. I realize it would be another player that Cleveland signed and would be paying not to play, but that would open up a spot on the roster. Plus, rumor has it, that Britt isn’t exactly great in the locker room.

Getting back to Kizer. His confidence can’t be very high. Then, Jackson brings in the third string QB in Kessler. This is a sign of desperation. Kessler looked ok, but nothing surprising.

Jackson seems to be too loyal to Crowell. It’s time to give up on Isaiah Crowell. He’s in a contract year, but has shown nothing. The “Crow” rushed for 35 yards on 17 carries. That’s horrible. Duke Johnson should be the featured back with Matthew Dayes being the change of pace back. Crowell is great at rushing for two yards at a time. But he’s no featured type back.


My only criticism of Williams’ defense, is playing the safety too far off the line. That’s allowing too many underneath routes and those tend to turn into longer gains than they should. It’s also causing problems when the offense runs the ball up the middle and there’s no one there to help stuff the run up the middle.

If it weren’t for the defense playing as great as it did, this game would’ve been over in the first half again. The secondary played good and the run defense was great! Tennessee is one of the best rushing offenses in the NFL. Cleveland held the Titans to just 80 yards. DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry didn’t have their usual big days. Murray had the longest run, which was 16 yards.

Myles Garrett had two offsides penalties, but picked up his third sack of the year. Christian Kirksey, Briean Boddy-Calhoun and Jamie Collins also had good days.

I was a bit disappointed in the lack of pass rush from Cleveland from a consistent basis. But, other than that, they played good considering how well the Titans have been playing on offense.


First off, it’s no secret that DeShone Kizer was out late Friday night having drinks with some friends. He refused to talk about it during his post-game press conference after the loss to the Titans.

Kizer has been pathetic in the red zone. In between the 20-yard lines, Kizer is good. But once he enters that red zone, he’s a turnover machine. He must improve on that. If he can’t, the Browns will be looking for yet another QB.

I mentioned months ago that when you’re the quarterback for any team, your focus needs to be eat, sleep and breath football. Having a social life isn’t my problem. But being out late instead of calling it a night by 11 when your team is winless, isn’t a good look.

Every player, from Kizer to the players on the practice squad should be practicing and working hard on a daily basis to the point of earning their first win.

Sashi Brown continued his usual press conference last week talking about seeing progression.

I really hope that you’re as confused with that statement as I am. I just don’t see it.

He keeps bringing up youth and inexperience being two of the main reasons for the lack of wins. Try 22 losses in the last 23 games.

In the NFL, there have been many teams in the same situation, that have turned themselves around faster or have looked more competitive then this Browns team. In other words, I’m done with those two excuses. I understand that they have a lot of first or second year players, but if their having that hard of a time with the current system, you need to “Dummy” things down a bit, so that they can figure things out.

Cleveland is also the most penalized team in the NFL. Where is the discipline? Who are the leaders on this team? Why aren’t players, not just any coaches, but why aren’t any players holding one another accountable?


Cleveland lost, yet again, but this time, it came with a heavy price. Joe Thomas injured his triceps and will have an MRI Monday. That’s the last thing Cleveland needs right now. The Browns have no linemen that can play left tackle anywhere near as well as Thomas has and does.

Remember when Cleveland was said to have a line that could be among the top 10 before the season even started? Well, even at full strength, they weren’t anywhere near that. Now, it’ll be that much worse.

People said after the 1-15 season that the only way for Cleveland is up. I said, oh trust me, things can get worse. Well, the Browns are getting closer and closer to that. Each loss mounts and they get closer to reaching the mark of 0-16. Don’t think it can’t happen. And I’ve already heard that Green Bay is now a winnable game because of Rodgers being out. Are you kidding me? Don’t hold your breath.

Cleveland now travels to London for a “Home” game against the surging Vikings.

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