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Broulis Beat Report: Terrelle Pryor and lots more!

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CANTON, Ohio- It’s not crazy for the Browns to trade the #1 overall pick to New England for Jimmy Garoppolo. I read that, and if I was driving on the road, you might have found my car in a ditch somewhere. If I could refocus fast enough, I’d abandon the vehicle before it hits something. If not, it’s because I’m still dazed and confused.

OK, all kidding aside. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out any reason to trade the #1 overall pick for Jimmy G. If he were already an accomplished starter that was proven, maybe. And that’s even a stretch for me considering Cleveland’s pathetic offensive line and a lack of weapons.

Is Tom Brady a great QB? Absolutely! But, every QB needs a good line and weapons around him. The Browns have many question marks at both the offensive line and weapons when it comes to the running game and receivers.

I’m expecting Browns WR Terrelle Pryor to sign a long-term deal with Cleveland any day now. I know, some media members don’t think Pryor is worth resigning. I’ve been saying for months that it’s crucial that Cleveland keeps Pryor. I have some reasons for why the Browns need to sign Pryor long-term. First, if Cleveland doesn’t have Pryor at WR, he will find a new home, and fast. Trust me. Second, Since the days of Josh Gordon are over, because I have no idea what is going on with him, Cleveland needs a big wide out who can stretch the defense. A threat on the outside. Pryor is that threat. He stands 6’4 and 225 pounds. Third, Pryor has made it clear that he wants to remain in Cleveland and loves being a Brown. Cleveland needs as many players with that attitude as possible, just like any other team needs those types of players. Fourth, Terrelle was a QB from high school all the way through college at Ohio State, then with multiple NFL teams beginning with Oakland when he was a 2011 supplemental draft pick. He’s been on multiple rosters, but cut. His first full year at WR, Pryor caught 77 passes for 1,007. Not bad for a guy that has played most of his football career at QB.

I probably should have made some bullet points with that, but I didn’t.

I recently heard a scout on the radio put Myles Garrett into proper prospective. Along with Jonathan Allen. If you take Garrett, he’ll make an immediate impact on the outside. If Cleveland selects Allen, he’ll be extremely disruptive in the middle of the defensive line. Now, I need to make something perfectly clear. Those of you who have already watched my Broulis Beat Report 28, know that I criticized Garrett for his video pleading Dallas to trade for him. Me not wanting Myles Garrett as much as Allen has nothing to do with that video. I completely understand that any player would love, for the most part, to play for their hometown team and/or favorite team. I’ll use Mitch Trubisky of the North Carolina Tar Heels as a perfect example. He’s from Mentor and grew up a Browns fan. Every front office in the NFL knows he’d love to play in Cleveland. Here’s the difference, don’t make a video of yourself pleading for your hometown/favorite team to trade up for you. It makes you look very bad. My other concern with Garrett? Rookie contracts are only four years long. Regardless of the Browns situation at that point, Garrett could then easily not resign with Cleveland and hope Dallas or a warm weather team would have an interest in him. That then turns this #1 overall pick of Garrett into a wasted pick. Unless Garrett plays a role in the Browns winning the NFL title. Sorry, but I don’t see that happening within the next four years. Yes, any player that is selected by Cleveland at 1 could easily do just the same thing, but Garrett’s comments in these videos in the past few months are a bit alarming to me.

One thing that does help me in dealing with the great possibility of Cleveland taking Garrett at 1, is new DC Gregg Williams. I have a lot of faith that Williams could get the most out of Garrett and really light a fire under his you know what. And who knows, maybe if Myles is selected, comes to Cleveland and realizes that this is a really great place to play and possible raise a family, maybe he has a change of feelings. Many athletes have come to Cleveland, were cautiously optimistic about this area, only to realize that this is actually a great area. As an Ohioan, I know the weather changes a lot, but that happens in a lot of places. If Garrett is selected at 1, I hope he has an open mind and makes the most out of his chance in Cleveland. If he turns out to be the next Von Miller, he’ll be a legend in Cleveland.

At 12, I’m still sticking with another defensive player. But, I will say that if Mike Williams (WR-Clemson), Corey Davis (WR-Western Michigan) or Dalvin Cook (RB-Florida State) are still there, that’s very tempting. If Malik Hooker, Marshon Lattimore or Teez Tabor are still there at 12, they should be strongly considered. The Browns defense is in desperate need of help of help.

Question Nick? Knowing the Browns have one of the bottom three worst defenses in the NFL, why would you even bring up any offensively players? Here’s why. Have you watched Pittsburgh the last couple years? Did you know that the Atlanta Falcons had the 25th ranked defense in the NFL? My point? Out of the 10 worst defenses in the NFL last year, five of those teams made the playoffs. Out of the top 10 defenses in the NFL last year, four of those teams made the playoffs. I, personally would build a great defense first. Problem? The NFL is a scoring league now, and has been for a while now. I would still take one of those three defensive players, but either of the three offensive players wouldn’t make me mad if they were selected. I want people to know, this draft is extremely deep and talented on the defensive side of the ball. Just wanted to throw that out there.

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