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Broulis Beat Report: Some Random Tribe Thought’s

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CANTON,Ohio- The First thing I want to bring up in regards to the Indians is our starting rotation and the battle for the 5th spot. This is actually really tough for me because I really like Cody Anderson but how will he fare now that teams have plenty of video on him?

How about Josh Tomlin? He throws strikes and is in attack mode all the time and the problem with that is you’ll give up some long balls but I’ve always said if you beat my best pitch then I’ll tip my cap to you.

Then there’s the lefty T.J. House. I don’t think he will be apart of the starting rotation come opening day. As a matter of fact I think he will start out in Columbus but personally just because he is a lefty I hope he gets it. I just don’t think it’s good to have a starting 5 that all throw from the same side. But I’ve been wrong before.

About Mike Napoli and Carlos Santana. I really liked to addition of Napoli because he’s good defensively and he definitely has power from the right side of the plate. I’m hope that if Santana can just focus on hitting and not worry about playing defense at first that he will have a better season but he does have to stop trying to pull every pitch he swings at.

Then there’s third base and the battle between Juan Uribe and Giovanny Urshela. Honestly I’m torn here. I’ve always thought of Uribe as a good player but we also need to find out if Urshela will be able to hit consistently. I personally think Uribe get’s the start at third to start the season but I have no clue when Gio get’s the call to head back to Cleveland to join the Indians.

The outfield is my biggest concern right now. I do not think Brantley will be ready for our series with Boston but I think he’ll be back by the final week of April. So Cleveland will have Chisenhall in right, Rajai Davis in center but I’m curious who they will stick in left. My guess is it comes down to Collin Cowgill, Tyler Naquin and Joey Butler. 

I haven’t seen much of Cowgill so to judge him wouldn’t be right so my guess would be Naquin. It’s obviously up to Francona and that’s why he’s paid the big bucks to make these decisions.

Lastly will this be the year that Cody Allen solidifies himself as the closer for the Indians? I personally think he loses the spot but that’s me. But if he isn’t the answer at closer then who is?

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