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Broulis Beat Report: Some Random Cavs Thought’s

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CANTON,Ohio- I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression about this article because what your about to read may make you think I don’t think Cleveland is the best in the East because they are. When I say that this is what I mean. I do not feel that there is any team in the East that could win 4 out of 7 in a series over the Cavs regardless of who has the home court.

Now with that being said this is what I’ve been watching in spurts this season. I see a Cavs team that plays like they’re entitled to be the representatives for the East in the NBA finals. 2. some of these players think they can just flip the switch on their offensive and/or defensive game. If you play hungry like the Spurs and Warriors then you don’t have that problem. 3. I don’t see enough of this team playing for one another. Too much iso-ball especially when the game gets tight. 4. Stop worrying about your endorsement deals when your on the court and how about working on your weaknesses during your off time because as we all have seen we stink at the free throw line.

Kyrie Irving had some interesting comments that I wasn’t a fan of after the ugly loss in Washington Sunday afternoon. He said their leader (LeBron James) was down and it gave other people an opportunity to play which they took advantage of. Is that right Kyrie? So getting completely blown out against the Wizards is proof of that? I think not!

Head coach Tyronn Lue said after the game that the Cavs have player makers. Irving, James, Tristan Thompson and Smith……..Hmmm…….Where’s Kevin Love?

How about this for Love. I want Love to either shoot inside the 3-point line for the entire First quarter or his First 5 shots to come inside the 3-point line. I also want him getting more shot from the elbow (corners of the free-throw line).

I also had another idea as it pertains to a lineup change but it wouldn’t work so here’s my idea. Why not move Irving to the 2 guard (shooting guard) and have James and Delly run the point but here’s why I thought of that. Kyrie has a score first mentality and pass second. If he wants to have 20 points a night that’s fine but I want my point guard to average around 6 or more assists a game.

But here’s why it won’t work. 1. That would create a log jam at the shooting guard since we already have J.R. Smith an Iman Shumpert there which are Two players that need to be used. Now if coach Lue wants to go with more of an even smaller lineup where you use 3 guards and 2 bigs then you might be able to swing that but I still wouldn’t suggest that.

Finally I know NBA officials are just bad in general but I’ve heard more complaints about them from different fans in a lot of places. Of course Cavs fans but I hear radio analyst from other teams and beat reports for the teams talking about it as well. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it and each ref has his preference as to what a foul is.

Bottom line is the Cavs need to start playing and looking like they’re actually as hungry if not more hungry to win an NBA title than the Warriors, Spurs and anyone else. 

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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