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Broulis Beat Report: Simplify the draft

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CANTON, Ohio- I’m sounding like a broken record, but this draft is the most crucial draft in Cleveland Browns history. So, people have made the statement to me recently, that there’s no way Cleveland can mess this draft up. Oh really?! Well, you could be eating your words.

The biggest problem I have right now, with what the media is saying, both nationally and locally, is the Browns MUST draft a QB in the first round. Why does Cleveland HAVE to take a QB in the first round?

I understand that this is a QB driven league. I understand that QB is the most important position. But, Cleveland has to make sure we will have a line to protect whoever is the quarterback.

If you’ve read my recent articles regarding the Browns, I talk about Cleveland’s offensive line coming back healthy. That alone, may or may not help improve the line in itself. But, I can’t depend on that. I do agree that the Browns must draft a QB at some point in this draft, but I don’t think it must be in the first round.

I don’t feel that any of these quarterbacks are ready to come in day 1 and start. I think all of these QB’s are projects. And I don’t think any of them are impact players. Guess what the Browns need with their first 4 players at least? Impact players.

I’m worried about DeShaun Watson and his ability to be a quality passer in the pocket, his ability to go through his progressions and going away from running the college spread offense. It can be done, but I would much rather draft an offensive player or defensive player that can have an impact this year.

Mitchell trubisky is the hometown guy that so many Browns fans want Cleveland to draft. While I like Trubisky’s size and accuracy, I do not believe he’s ready to be a day 1 impact player. Plus, NFL defenses, even the worst, can and will adjust after they get enough game film on a player. What does he do well? What are his weaknesses? Every quarterback has to go through this. The question is, can they adjust and get better?

DeShone Kizer has the size at 6’5, 220lb. His only question mark was his 58.7 completion percentage. When looking for a QB, they need to be accurate, tall (there are few exception), smart, a good arm and poised under pressure. I’d prefer Kizer if I was in a pick one now situation.

With that all being said I have Kizer ranked first, followed by Trubisky and then Watson. The argument I can’t stand hearing from Watson supporters is that Watson is a winner and won a national title. There have been plenty of QB’s that have done great at the college level, but could not adjust to the NFL style of play.

My bottom line with the Browns draft is this. Take the best available player with each pick. Do not reach for a QB. If that means drafting every other position but QB for the first 3 or 4 picks, then so be it. The quarterback isn’t the only position the Browns have a huge problem at. The draft, although it can be very complex, can also be very simple. Draft the best player available and don’t over think it. The Browns, since their return, have shown numerous times that they think they’re smarter than 31 other NFL teams. History shows that’s not been the case.

Free agency begins tomorrow and the Browns need to get a deal done ASAP with Pryor. Cleveland is only hurting themselves by allowing time to go on and not getting Pryor signed. As of right now, I’d say there’s a less than 50% chance he returns to Cleveland now. As of now, the Titans, Giants, 49ers and Eagles are all interested in the soon to be free agent.

Everything that I’m hearing lately about Jimmy G is that every GM in the NFL think’s there’s a zero percent chance that the Patriots keep Jimmy G. It’s just a matter of his price tag.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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