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Broulis Beat Report: Quicken Loans arena and James’ future By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- What are the factors in James staying in Cleveland starting in the Summer of 2018? And does a renovation to the Quicken Loans Arena really matter?

Recently, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert killed plans to upgrade Quicken Loans arena in hopes of, not only landing the 2020 or 2021 All-Star weekend, but to give it the upgrades needed. Most NBA arenas get an upgrade once every 20 years or close to within that range. But multiple petitions were in his way of beginning construction and therefore Gilbert knew that the work wouldn’t be done in time to be awarded the All-Star game event. As of Thursday afternoon, those petitions have been removed and now the idea to give Quicken Loans arena a facelift is back on the table and construction could begin as early as mid-September. That would have to be the time it would have to begin by, if Cleveland wants a chance at still landing the NBA’s All-Star weekend by one of those two seasons.

Going forward with this project would create tons of permanent jobs at the arena and extend the lease for the Cavs to stay in Cleveland. Right now, the lease ends in the year 2027. If this project gets approved, the lease would extend to 2034.

Now, with all that being said, I’ve seen and heard people make comments about how ending this idea is another sign that Lebron is leaving or that Gilbert won’t upgrade the arena because he may already know that James is gone. How about Irving demanding a trade being another sign that James is leaving?

  1. What happens to the Q in terms of upgrades has absolutely nothing to do with James’ decision at all. It would be one thing if he was playing in a beat up and half full arena 41 games out of the year, but in case you have never been to Quicken Loans arena, regardless of the event, it’s very beautiful inside. I know of friend of mine complains about the size of the seats, but I don’t think that seat sizing is a key factor in James’ decision on where to play. So enough with this nonsense of how the arena looks.
  2. The Kyrie Irving situation had to happen. There was no trying to repair anything. Irving has shown in different ways that his brand is his top priority. If Cleveland would have hung onto him, the Cavaliers would never stand a chance at winning another title. Sure, Cleveland would likely still make it to the Finals again, but beating Golden State……..(drum roll please) keep dreaming.
  3. I read earlier today, that head coach Ty Lue had multiple talks with Irving about putting the team and its success before his brand, stating that his brand would be just fine. Sometimes Irving would listen, but most of the time he seemed disengaged with the conversation. So, what does that tell you?
  4. I’ve said it plenty of times at this point in the year 2017 alone that Lebron knows that his best chance at winning another title still remains in Cleveland. James also knows that if he were to go to any team out West, he’d have to beat the Warriors just to get to the Finals.
  5. Everything that Lebron knows and loves is right here in Northeast Ohio. He knows how important he is to this region in many areas. When Lebron came back from Miami and held his coming home party in Akron, 30,000 people sold out Summa field just to see him in person and hear what he had to say. Plus, he’ll be able to watch his kids go to the same high school he did and on some nights, watch his kids play basketball.
  6. Dan Gilbert made it perfectly clear back when him and James had their private meeting in Miami, that money would never be an issue. He’s proven himself right.
  7. During the off-season, Cleveland had improved their bench and the overall team. From resigning sharpshooter Kyle Korver to signing Jeff Green. Then bring on Jae Crowder who is a good wing defender and can shoot from 3-point range. The Cavaliers also hope that newly acquired point man Isaiah Thomas will be able to return sooner than later.
  8. This thing isn’t over. The team is still looking to trade Iman Shumpert and possible a few others. Cleveland has also expressed interest in bringing back forward Derrick Williams.
  9. Cleveland also received Brooklyn’s first round pick in next Summer’s draft and a 2020 second round pick that Boston received from Miami.

I, for one, would be shocked if Lebron leaves, especially for any team out West. Of course, if you turn on the national media, you’ll hear just about all the talking heads on those programs talk about James going to the Lakers, Clippers or wherever else. That’s because they want Lebron in a much larger market. Los Angeles is the #2 ranked market in the country, of course they want him there.

My advice is this. If Cleveland is eliminated quickly from the playoffs, as in first round, maybe second round, then I’d be a little concerned. But, as I’ve been saying, it’s going to take more to get Lebron to leave Cleveland, it won’t take much for him to stay. He loves living here, playing here and his family has a huge influence on his decision as well, keep that in mind. A happy wife and kids is a happy life, and his family loves living in this area.

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