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Broulis Beat Report: Quick Hits On Browns,Cavs And The Tribe

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CANTON,Ohio- I have very few comments for all the teams so I figured I would just combine all of them into one article but they’re points I wanted to throw out there so here it is.

BROWNS- While I still want Jared Goff at #2 overall I must admit I wouldn’t get mad if Cleveland takes the route of QB later and selects Jalen Ramsey the defensive back out of Florida St. Hes big enough and athletic enough to play corner and safety. 

I liked the idea of the Browns taking Laremy Tunsil at #2 if the Titans didn’t take him but I just found out he was injured a lot during his college days at Ole Miss. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on him but I don’t follow Ole Miss much.

INDIANS- Just my opinion but I don’t think Brantley having some shoulder pain after his first Spring training game had a lot to due with keeping him out of the lineup to start the season. I think a lot of it has to do with playing in the cold weather. Opening day forecast for Cleveland is 42 degree and a mix. I don’t blame the Indians. Just wait til late April to get Michael in there.

Trevor Bauer starting in the bullpen was a bit of a shock to me but I’m wondering if him getting lit up from innings 3-5 last year had something to do with that. Maybe they think he will be better only pitching 1-2 innings a game will be best for him that way he can let it rip from start to finish. Just my guess.

CAVS- I said last week I know longer think they will win the NBA. I do think they will still come out of the East but the road won’t be easy. And whether it’s Lue still not starting most of Love’s plays closer to the rim or Kevin is just choosing to start out from the outside and working his way in……….it’s not working and he continues to take way too many three point shots.

It’s really sad that this team isn’t taking games without James more seriously.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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