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Broulis Beat Report: NBA draft lottery and much more By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- The NBA has some changes that need to be made. The Association is built for strong success in the short-term, but what about ten years from now and beyond? Read the following:


I get how some, if not, a lot of people, love the idea and suspense of the NBA lottery. You never really know who’s going to get the top three picks until that process has been completed. It’s the NBA’s way of trying to keep fans on edge like the NFL does with who will go in the top 5 picks or so of their draft. And yes, I can understand the suspense that is created when you don’t know who will get the first overall pick, or who will get pick #1 overall.

My problem with this is, what if a team is constantly having the worst record two or three years in a row, yet because of a bunch of lottery balls that don’t go their way, they end up missing out on talent that could maybe propel them and start to get them back on the winning track. Don’t think for a minute that the NBA doesn’t love creating that drama behind that. The NBA’s version of a draft isn’t exactly made to help the worst teams in the league get better faster. The NFL has it right.

Teams are going to lose on purpose if they want to. Is it right? Absolutely not, and it’s not fair to the paying fans either. But it’s been happening for a while. But, in the NFL, only if the #1 overall pick is an absolutely bust or the team really does need that much help, does a team end up with a top five or three pick. Philadelphia 76ers fans have been the victim of really bad teams recently, but they’re starting to get it turned around from the looks of it. Browns fans have been suffering for longer than that. They too look like they might be back on the right track as well.

The whole protected picks thing needs to go. For one thing, some fans are beyond confused by it. Me, being a huge fan of basketball, will even admit to not understanding all of it until I did some extended research. Second, just simply the whole process. If you want to make it a conditional pick for just one year, that’s fine. If the team that traded the pick wants to be able to keep the pick if they miss the playoffs, that’s fine. If they make it to the playoffs, then that pick should stay with the team they traded the pick to and then that team that made the playoffs simply loses its pick for that round. I’m fine with a conditional pick for that next draft, not for drafts that will happen two, three or four years down the road.

Draft in order of your record and stop with these protected or non-protected picks stuff.


These one and one contracts need to go. A player can sign a two-year contract with a team, but the second year is actually a player option. So, it’s actually up to the player and if they want to stay with the team or sign elsewhere. Contracts should be a minimum of three-years. I think it’s easier for these “Super teams” to form with these one and one contracts.

Unfortunately, this is something that has always bothered me and it’ll never change because of the greed that is pro sports. How about the dreaded NBA playoff system? Half the league is invited to play for the NBA title. The Western conference became stronger over the off-season. The Eastern conference? Don’t make me laugh.

I’ve been saying for years now, that it should be six teams per conference and the first round should be a best of five series. I don’t know many people who actually watch the first two rounds of the NBA, unless they are big NBA fans. Most of the people I know don’t tune in to every game until the conference finals. Then, the NBA hopes that the two best teams do meet in the Finals. Anytime a Finals series only goes five games, it’s a bad look for the NBA. Whether you want to believe me or not, the NBA wants the Finals to go at least six games.


The NBA and these young players are both suffering from only staying in college for one year before being eligible.

PLAYERS- I’d say AT LEAST 95 percent of the players coming into the NBA from college these days aren’t ready for the NBA in different areas. That includes maturity. Then, what happens if they end up not making it in the NBA? Hopefully they’re smart enough to make it in life with that they learned while in college. If not that, then it looks like the unemployment line just got longer or you have more homeless people standing around with messages on cardboard boxes asking for help.

NBA- The product will continue to get worse. A lack of fundamentals and players that are all about themselves. So many young men coming out of college either think or want to be the next Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, James Harden and so on. Let’s be real here, it’s highly unlikely that most of these young players will become even close to the player that those players are. It’s just being honest from my part. In return, the product on the court will begin to suffer.

Sure, you’ll always have your dominant three or four teams, but what about the other 26 teams in the NBA. Otherwise known as the schedule fillers. Teams like Miami, Detroit, Dallas, Memphis, New York, Indiana and so on. Some of those do have some talent, but they’re not expected to compete for the NBA title, even if they make the playoffs.

Wouldn’t it be great if the NBA had eight teams who had a legit chance at winning the NBA title? Well, unfortunately, I don’t see those days ever happening in the NBA, at least not in my life time.

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