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Broulis Beat Report: My thoughts on the Browns loss and much more By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- The real Browns showed up in the second half. I wrote last week that the Cleveland Browns have 99 problems. Atop that list are the following after a 33-16 loss to Minnesota in London.

  1. I have been extremely critical of running back Isaiah Crowell. For once he averaged more than 2 yards a carry. Let’s hand him a new contract now! Crowell has no place on this roster. STOP PLAYING HIM!
  2. Is Kenny Britt still on this team? Please sense the sarcasm. Terrible player, bad in the locker room and poor leader off the field. He should’ve been left back in the states.
  3. What I thought would be a problem actually wasn’t bad. Spencer Drango started at left tackle and, grant it, it was only one game, Drango didn’t play bad.
  4. Zane Gonzalez continued to struggle in the kicking game. Remember when Cleveland had a strong kicking game with Phil Dawson? After the game, Hue Jackson said Cleveland needs to upgrade at kicker. Looks like Cleveland will be bringing in some kickers into Berea.

Those were just some quick hit notes for you. There is a report out, that the Browns front office is now in the market for an offensive play maker. Believe me when I say, if you could’ve seen my face when I heard that report, I had to laugh. It took Sashi Brown and the guys this long to figure this out? I talked last week in my Broulis Beat Report podcast that Sashi Brown and Paul Depodesta need to go. I’m only open minded to Depodesta staying, if he’s used strictly for pay role purposes. I read that he’s involved in the drafting of players. I’ve also read that his main role in helping with contracts. So, I’m kind of in the dark on his role. I want to see Sashi Brown removed from his role of having final say on the drafting. Brown never played a role in drafting players in his career. I don’t know why Jimmy Haslam thought this was a good idea giving him the power to draft players. I liked the drafting of Garrett, Peppers and Njoku, but let’s keep in mind that Brown also is behind signing Kenny Britt and decided that this team needed completely stripped down. Sashi Brown has been horrible in his position. What makes it even worse, is that every time he talks, he mentions that he is seeing growth in this team. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see any progress whatsoever. I see a WR on a team who has no right still being on this team. I see a RB in Crowell who plays like he just got a max deal over the off-season and now that he has his money, he doesn’t want to play hard. Cleveland had some talent during the preseason, yet they didn’t make the final 53-man roster. Now, all of the sudden, they decide that Cleveland needs some playmakers on offense. This football team has to be at its lowest in team history. If you’re a Browns fan, you look around the league and see just how flawed this rebuild system is in Cleveland. The Browns are making winning once every four games look like rocket science. And doing so over a two-year span. The Haslam’s are already seeing the effects from, arguably, the most loyal fan base in the NFL. You have seen all the empty seats at FirstEnergy Stadium. This fan base is beyond tired of the product on the field. The Cleveland Browns are fortunate to have the fans that they do, but they are still competing with others. On the other side of the city, the Cavaliers and Tribe have lit the city of Cleveland on fire with the product on the field. The Cavs won the cities first title in 52 years. The Indians took the Cubs to a game-7 World Series last season and won over 100 games this past season. The Cavs still have about three to five seasons left to compete for a title more than likely. The Indians are setup to be successful for quite a while. Let’s take this a step further. With all the losing that has gone on since the teams return in 1999, let alone the last two seasons, the Browns are trying to gain back the Eastern side of Ohio in places like Youngstown, Steubenville, Warren and so on. Why do I bring this up? There are just as many Pittsburgh fans in those cities as Browns fans. Columbus is the largest city in Ohio and that has become a battling ground for the Bengals, Steelers and Browns. I’m hearing more and more people that are finding new things to do while the Browns are on. They watch it and once the Browns are down by 10 or more, they walk away. The Browns even have some people going to Cedar Point located in Sandusky during the months of September and October. They just check their phones knowing the Browns are likely losing. The Cleveland Browns need to get their act together. I also said last week, that it’s one thing to strip a team down, that doesn’t excuse you from all this losing. It’s hard to win one game in the NFL, but it’s harder to do what the Browns have been doing over the past couple seasons than win one game. Fans aren’t asking for the playoffs, they’re asking for one or two wins. Email: Twitter: @nbroulis Facebook: The Broulis Beat Report

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