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Broulis Beat Report: My Thought’s On Ray Rice

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CANTON,Ohio- Before I get into my article I want to mention that my sports reports will be back. I haven’t been able to create them on my computer due to the windows 10 upgrade but I finally figured it out.

Now some people have asked me what my feelings are on a potential Ray Rice to the Browns situation. So here it is. My main reason that I don’t want the Browns to sign him is because I feel his best days are clearly behind him. I feel a younger back would be a better bit. I realize he may be even more hungry than ever to play and he obviously has experience but I just feel we wouldn’t be able to get out of him what we need.

As for everyone that wants to hold his domestic violence against him as their only reason to not give him a try? Your obviously entitled to your own opinion in this free country of ours but I’m past that personally. It wasn’t right what he did and he acknowledged  and still does to this day. He also realizes that there will be a lot of people that never forgive him and he accepts that. But at the end of the day he’s only worried about his family and their feelings towards him.

Some of you may feel I’m a bit messed up for not holding it against him but my belief is everyone makes really bad and dumb decisions in their lives whether they know its wrong before they make the choice or not but it’s those in my opinion that learn from their mistakes and do everything they can to better themselves and I feel he is doing that.

So in short Yes I do feel he deserves another chance to play but I don’t feel he will ever be as productive as he once was. Plus I don’t think Cleveland wants another media circus in town which is another reason I don’t want the Browns to sign him. But if he could rush for 800+ yards this season then yes, I say bring him on! 


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