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Broulis Beat Report: My N.L. Central Predictions

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CANTON,Ohio- Going from one of the worst divisions in baseball to one of the top 3 in MLB. It’s the N.L. Central and this division is tough for me so without further delay here we go.

LAST PLACE: Nothing to write home about here with the “Brew Crew”. They have a good catcher in Jonathan Lucroy and Chris Carter will add power to the lineup but I’m guessing under 70 wins for Milwaukee this year. I say 65 wins.

FOURTH PLACE: I’m only picking the Reds to finish higher than Milwaukee because I think they’ll have more offensive power but they’re pitching isn’t going to scare many teams. I think after this year that Cincinnati will be losing 2 or 3 players and be under a full rebuild. 70 wins is tops for me.

THIRD: This is where it was tough for me. I like taking the Pittsburgh Pirates for Third. Andrew McCutchen is an all around great player and is one of the best players in baseball in my opinion. The Pirates will be able to score and the pitching staff isn’t too shabby either. I just think the Cubs and Cardinals are overall better teams. Pittsburgh will reach 94 wins.

SECOND PLACE: My pick is the St.Louis Cardinals. I know they have had a ton of success within their own division but some of their position players are getting a little older but that pitching staff is good enough to keep them close to the top of the N.L. Central. 98 wins for the Cardinals.

FIRST PLACE: Congrats to the Cubs. I can remember when Chicago was the laughing stock of the National League. Not anymore. Great pitching and they will be able to hit the ball to. I can actually see the Cubs reach 100 wins.

FINAL SUMMERY: The Reds would surprise me if they were even decent this year but although I picked Milwaukee for last I could see them finishing well above the Reds. Pittsburgh, St.Louis and Chicago make this division look really good in my opinion. And yes I can easily see all 3 top teams as playoff candidates.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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