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Broulis Beat Report: My Draft Predictions

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CANTON,Ohio- We’re about thirty minutes away from the draft so I wanted to just cover the top ten picks to see how I do.

RAMS- Jared Goff (QB)- I was a fan of Goff about 30 seconds into watching video of him and I have him ranked higher than Carson Wentz. I was hoping Cleveland would get a chance with him even though we have 4 other QB’s. I think he will get the Rams into the playoffs.

EAGLES- Carson Wentz (QB)- I think Wentz will be a good quarterback but I’m not sure if he’ll be a franchise changer and his first year in Philadelphia will be rough in my opinion. I hope he has thick skin playing there.

CHARGERS- Ronnie Stanley (OT)- This is where it gets tough for me. The Chargers are in desperate need of help on the offensive line but need a pass rusher as well. This is a toss up for me but my guess is they want to help keep Rivers on his feet and give him better protection.

COWBOYS- Ezekiel Elliott (RB)- For a long time I had Dallas taking Joey Bosa for edge rushing purposes but the more I thought about it, they desperately need a play maker in the backfield and Elliott is going to be awesome in the NFL in my opinion. 

JAGUARS- Joey Bosa (DE)- Jacksonville has tried surrounding Blake Bortles with weapons but they need help on defense and since Jacksonville runs a 4-3 defense, Bosa will fit perfectly.

RAVENS- Jalen Ramsey (DB)- Baltimore had problems with injuries on defense and especially with defensive backs. It would make perfect sense for the Ravens to take Ramsey who can play multiple positions.

49ERS- Laremy Tunsil (OT)- San Francisco needs a lot of help on both sides of the ball but I’m predicting Tunsil will be their pick.

  CLEVELAND BROWNS- Jack Conklin (OT)- An hour ago I said they will trade. Now with how the board has filled up, I feel Cleveland will take an offensive tackle to help rebuild the offensive line as step one in trying to help RGIII. I’m also going to predict that the Browns will take Josh Docston the WR at pick 32 tomorrow.

BUCS- Vernon Hargreaves (CB)- Tampa needs secondary help and Hargreaves should help out a lot.

GIANTS- Myles Jack (OLB)- It’s all about the defense for the Giants in the first two rounds. Jack is a great athlete and I think he will do very well at the NFL level.

FINAL THOUGHT’S- The Chargers, which hold the 3rd spot, are the wild card ever since Cleveland traded down with Philly. Who San Diego takes will largely effect the next 12 picks roughly.

I know a lot of Cleveland fans want the Browns to take Bosa or Elliott. I wouldn’t mind “Zeek” but Cleveland is too far away from being a contender in my opinion but in today’s NFL bad teams change change towards the right direction faster then ever before.

Joey Bosa will be a good player but his best fit is to be in a 4-3 defense. Not a 3-4 like Cleveland runs. Problem is that Cleveland changes coordinators and systems so much that he will probably fit the Browns new 4-3 system next year.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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