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Broulis Beat Report: Looking Back At The World Series

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CANTON,Ohio- What an amazing World Series all of us witnessed here in 2016. Millions tuned in. As a matter of fact, over 40 million viewers watched game 7. That was the highest amount of viewers since the 1991 World Series between the Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins. Game 6 drew 40.8 million while game 7 drew 50.3 million. Truly unbelievable.

The Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs both had alot at stake. It had been 108 years since the Cubs last won the World Series. The last time the Indians won it all? 1948. So we all knew one thing, a long baseball title drought was going to end. Chicago did just enough to win the World Series Thursday morning, the game didn’t end till 12:30, and now, they’re getting a chance to finally celebrate a baseball title. So congrats to them.

Chicago is a very well balanced team. Good starting pitching. I’m just not a fan of John Lackey. Oh, and I’m not a Jon Lester fan either. But that’s besides the point. The Cubs also have a lineup 1-8 that is tough to get through. Chicago is built more like an American League team, where as the Indians are built more like a National League team.

I think the bullpens were even. Joe Maddon almost cost the Cubs the World Series by over using Chapman.

Now I want to talk about Injuries. I’m sure some of you maybe saying I’m going to use injuries as an excuse for the loss. No, Chicago, again is the best team in baseball and they proved that. But I do have to wonder something. How would this series have played out if we were completely healthy like Chicago? Cleveland was missing their best overall player in Michael Brantley. Although Yan Gomez was on the roster, he was out for 2 months with injury, so asking him to be up to game speed, especially in the World Series isn’t fair. Then, the Indians didn’t have Carlos Carrassco. Danny Salazar was in the same position as Gomez. Those are four key starters missing.

My point for bringing those injuries up? I’d love to see a rematch with the Cubs when both teams are at full power. Think of how good, how close, how amazing this World Series was. Now let both teams be at full strength. I’d love to watch a World Series with both teams in good health.

I thought Chicago did a great job of adjusting to Corey Kluber. That’s what really hurt from a pitching prospective. This Cubs lineup is so good, they have such great hitters, that they were able to see Kluber enough and it showed. That’s where being limited with good pitching hurts.

The Cubs, defensively, were great for the most part. They had some bad moments but for the most part, my hats off to those young players. The same goes for Cleveland.

Ben Zobrist was named the MVP of the World Series and that is well deserved. He was the most difficult hitter to deal with in the lineup during the World Series.

I also thought it was one of the best moments I’ve ever seen when Rajai Davis hit the home run to tie the game at 6.

Overall, this was a great World Series. Chicago is built to be successful for a long time.

Cleveland? We’re also built to be successful for awhile. Michael Brantley, our best position player, has two years left on his deal. Just about every other player on our roster is under contract  for years to come. Rajai Davis, Mike Napoli and Coco Crisp are all free-agents.

There are no promises of either team getting back to the World Series, but I love the Indians chances of not only making the playoffs, but going deep next year. I think Chicago has a great chance, as well, of doing the same thing.

This is my final thought. I have read some posts in certain areas of people claiming that the Indians “choked” because they’ve lost their last three World Series. I want to make myself perfectly clear. Chicago, as we all know, was the better team and the Indians weren’t even expected to get past Boston in the A.L.D.S.. I know I didn’t think they would get past Boston or Toronto.

Cleveland gave Chicago all they could handle and then some. Think about this. It’s the ninth inning, and Cleveland almost beat the best team in baseball.

For anyone to say the Indians choked is ridiculous. In 1995, Atlanta was the better team. In 1997 you could say the Indians were folding under the pressure against the Marlins, who had a better overall team.

I can’t say a team “choked” when they weren’t even supposed to get past the first round.

Please, feel free to respectfully agree or disagree with me on anything I have talked about.

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