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Broulis Beat Report: Kevin Love in trade talks again By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- To trade or not to trade. That is the question.

Here’s my question. Why do the Cavs and so many fans want to trade Kevin Love?

Here’s a bit of a breakdown.

  1. If you trade Love for Paul George, you’re creating a big long-term problem. Yes, you’ll be upgrading your team for 1 season with George, but I highly doubt he’s going to stay for more than a year.
  2. You’re messing up the team chemistry. It took Love a season and a half to find his comfort zone. Why mess that up now?
  3. Love is a double-double machine. He has his off nights, all players do. But Love can score in the post, perimeter and is a good and at times great rebounder.

Those are my main points.

I wrote a few days ago that Cleveland just needs to add a solid starter to their lineup and upgrade the bench, make it younger and more athletic. Improve on the defensive end. Cleveland can’t trade one all-star for another when they’ve got Love under contract for a few more years. A trade involving George for Love straight up would put Cleveland in a bad spot.

About the Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade rumors. I would have to be sold on Anthony. He’s a ball hog, plays no defense and is already 33. The only way you could sell me on Anthony is maybe he’s so hungry for a title that he’d take very little money and want to play defense. I don’t see either happening. I’m not in favor of Carmelo coming to Cleveland. Even worse? No thank you to Wade. Both of these players are not the answer to the Cavs. The bench needs youth and athleticism. Cleveland already has Derrick Williams and Edy Tavares. Both are young and could become good solid players. They just need experience. Lue could play them a lot during the preseason and regular season to help them out there.

Cleveland doesn’t need to make a blockbuster trade or a big splash. Find a solid player, get the bench younger and put more focus on defense.

If the Cavs over think this off-season, they could actually do more harm than good.

Are there players out there that I would trade Love for straight up? Yes, but most aren’t under contract and the Cavaliers run the risk of losing them this time next year. All of the sudden you’d go from a new “Big 3” to James and Irving. Cleveland thinks they had a tough time playing Golden State before. Now, if that trade happens, the Cavs run the risk of not getting back to the Finals….period!


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