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Broulis Beat Report: Chad Johnson and Isaiah Crowell

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CANTON,Ohio- While the Browns talent both on paper and on the field is going to be lacking, training camp should be interesting from alumni and dare I say, a special guest?

Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson recently tweeted out that he’s “Gonna ask Hue if I can join the Browns coaching staff as a “route running specialist” assistant receiver coach, what’s the worse he can say.

And the result is…..

“What a blessing Hue Jackson is, see y’all in Cleveland on the 28th, no cleats this time just knowledge”.

My First thought is this. I couldn’t stand his antics on the field. I got tired of all his different celebrations.

That being said, Johnson was one of the best route runners in the league while with the Bengals. I can remember watching some of the best corners in the NFL getting their ankles broke when he would run 10 yards then cut one way or another.

I absolutely love that Jackson is bringing him in. Yes, I also hope that Hue, at some point, hires Johnson as a part of the wide receivers coaches. Even if it’s an assistant position.

I know that he can only help the Four rookie draft picks Corey Coleman, Ricardo Lewis, Jordan Payton and Rashard Higgins. One wide receiver that I really think will benefit from Chad is Terrelle Pryor. Pryor has been working very hard the past Two seasons with Pro Bowler Antonio Brown and others to improve his route running. 

Isaiah Crowell: Folks, I’m 50/50 on if he should still have a job after posting an image of a cop having his throat slit. 

I realize he is young and young people make a lot of dumb mistakes. Not all, but a lot. But especially right now when our country is having such a problem with the law and the communities in which they serve.

This is one reason why I feel, sometimes, that pro and college athletes should not be allowed on Twitter. But should that really have to be the case? Don’t they have people within their inner circles that help them and advise them?

Millions and dare I say billions of people are trying to change things for the better between cops and the communities.

What Crowell posted will not be going away anytime soon. He had his agent or someone close to him write out an apology in a statement. To me, it wasn’t nearly good enough. I know my opinion means nothing but he’d better have something better in mind before training camp begins.

The Cleveland police union president Stephen Loomis told TMZ that if he is not satisfied with Isaiah Crowell’s next apology, Loomis will pull officers, sheriffs and state troopers out of First Energy stadium this season.

For the record, the Browns and Loomis both feel the same.

Again, I’m 50/50 but the more I think about it, I think he should be given a second chance to prove he knew he made a huge mistake.

But in regards to everyone that wants to criticize cops I will say this. How about all of you that say we don’t need cops or think you can do a better job, do this. Try going with them for just one day and see what they have do deal with.

Try being in the shoes of their family members like their kid(s), girlfriends, wives, brothers, sister and so on. Because when those men and women walk out of that door to go serve our communities and try their best to keep us safe while putting their own lives on the line, those people mentioned above wonder and worry if that’s the last time they will see them alive.

My final thought is this. I respect and appreciate the law. I’ve only had a problem with one cop in my life. He came across as extremely cocky and refused to do his best to try and help my neighborhoods situation. I know there may be a lot of cops out there like that but I’d be willing to bet their out numbered by good cops by a very very large number.

Credit all authors of images used in both article and as cover image : Nick Broulis

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