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Broulis Beat Report: Cavs fans, have patience By Nick Broulis

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CANTON, Ohio- The Cavaliers are going back and forth. Plus, How about that unprotected draft pick?

  1. Currently, if the playoffs started today, Cleveland wouldn’t be taking part. Thankfully, Cleveland still has a long time before that time of the year comes around. Who would have the #1 seed? The Celtics. Heck, even the Magic, Knicks and Pacers would be in.
  2. I’ve taken notice of something early on thus far. Cleveland will play hard and as together as they can, for now, against teams that are consider legitimate by NBA standards.
  3. That list does not include Indiana, Orlando, New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, Atlanta and maybe even Charlotte.
  4. The teams that I feel serve as the biggest threat, just in the East, are Milwaukee and Washington.
  5. I realize Boston has the best record in the East. But, they don’t have Hayward now due to that nasty ankle/leg injury. I’m also not too sure if the young talent that they have surrounded Kyrie Irving with, are ready for the hot spotlight that awaits them if they can make a deep playoff run. I’m not even sure if Irving is ready without knowing James is there to help out this time.
  6. Boston has lost to Cleveland and Milwaukee. Both were their first two games of the season. Since then, the Celtics have won every game but here’s my question. What will happen to this young Boston team, if they encounter a very long losing streak? And I mean mentally.
  7. I know there are a lot of fans out there, that are freaking out to an extent over the Cavs. I’m not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, when you allow Indiana, New York and Orlando to come into Cleveland and blow you out, that’s a bit concerning.
  8. I’m most concerned with the lack of effort on defense and the lack of movement on offense. Cleveland is the worst in the NBA at defending the 3-point shot. They’re allowing opponents to shoot 41 percent from deep.
  9. Cleveland is also giving up 113 PPG which ranks them 28th in the NBA.
  10. I’m, in general, a defensive minded guy. Why? Because defense can always be there, while your offense can come and go. Defense is all about effort and great communication. The Cavaliers struggle to guard the 3-point line and have struggled with transition defense. I hear a lot of people saying it’s because their too old. I don’t completely agree with that. While the Cavs are the oldest team in the league, they themselves have said they don’t know one another well enough yet. Yes, that does play a big factor. Lebron has come out and said he isn’t entirely in game shape. He also recently said that he’s definitely getting closer. I think a combination of their lack of conditioning and having so many new teammates has played a major role in their slow start.
  11. I think a lot of people maybe don’t see this but I do. What am I talking about? The NBA decided to shorten their preseason to get the regular season started sooner. That is in attempt to reduce the amount of back to backs and ultimately, get teams to stop sitting their star players as much. Well, older teams take longer to get into shape than younger teams do. I’m not making up excuses for this Cavs team. But if you know enough about the human body, you should remember that younger people don’t need as much time to warm-up or do things faster than older people. What I’m saying is simple. Wait for this team to get back into game condition. Let these new players get used to playing with one another. And wait to see how Isaiah Thomas plays once he’s healthy enough to return.
  12. I loved how Dwayne Wade called out the team the other night. Specifically, the starters. He’s right for the record. When Cleveland’s bench bunch check in and they’re already down by 15 or more, it’s tough. I also love how honest he is during an interview.
  13. About that 1st round draft pick next Summer that Cleveland received in the trade for Irving.
  14. Currently, Brooklyn has a record of 4-7. Cleveland and their fans are praying that the Nets have at least one of the bottom three worst records in the NBA.
  15. I will admit I’m not a huge college hoops fan, and I have no idea who all is possibly coming out in next Summer’s draft.
  16. I do know this, I don’t see Cleveland keeping that pick. The Cavs are in the business of winning, not worrying about their future right now. Not with Lebron James on the roster. James has three, maybe five seasons left of playing the way he plays. I’d venture to say one or two of those final seasons is when he might start to show his NBA age. Whether this is a smart state of mind or not for the Cavs in regards to trading that pick for a player this season isn’t rocket science. The Cavs aren’t worried about post-Lebron right now, nor should they be. Especially if this means making more trips back to the Finals. I’m with the Cavs when they are probably thinking, get me to the Finals with a James led team and I’ll take my chances.
  17. If Cleveland does keep the pick and uses it on a player, they’ll have to be ready almost immediately to play in pressure situations. Will there be a player like that available? Possible. But, more than likely not.
  18. If Cleveland does decide to retain the pick, I’ll be a bit shocked, but I won’t be upset.
  19. If Cleveland trades the pick, it would be for one high quality player or one solid player and then some. But again, every time Brooklyn wins, the value of that pick goes down.
  20. There have been plenty of reports saying that Isaiah Thomas may be back earlier than expected. First, I hope it wouldn’t be too soon. Secondly, if he comes back healthy and plays like he did last year before the injury, Cleveland will be tough for anyone to beat. My guess is late December will be his debut.

I agree with people that say Cleveland does need to get younger, but this team doesn’t have many ways of getting any younger. I still say that the Tristin Thompson contract has really bogged down Cleveland. Even if the Cavs could restructure his deal and lower it about $10-15 million would help out a lot. Unfortunately, that’s never going to happen. Cleveland still has some figuring out to do on both ends of the floor, but the effort must improve and their energy level in the first quarter must start to be better and better on a consistent basis. Email: Twitter: @nbroulis Facebook: The Broulis Beat Report

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